“Corporate Violence For Sale” Art Print by Shepard Fairey (Onsale Info)

Shepard Fairey continues his ‘Reagan and Friends’ series with “Corporate Violence For Sale”, going up tomorrow. It’s an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, has an edition of 450, and will cost $55. A portion of the proceeds will benefit a campaign finance reform organization. It will be available tomorrow (Tuesday, June 14th) at a random time. Visit ObeyGiant.com.

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  1. F A I L

  2. ken taylor does amazing prints.

    no, this comment is not in the wrong thread.

  3. I’m going for the whole set!

  4. Blah…. So lame.

  5. Shepard Fairey is secretly a Republican.

  6. Please stop……

  7. In 08 there were rumors that Fairey was losing his sight because of diabetes. I wonder if all these “ehh” prints are coming out fast so he can have some cash stashed away for when/if he can’t see.

  8. should i buy this to flip it?

  9. I hate how its printed on “white paper” :(

  10. Hi stickgirl!

  11. The tears look really fake. Should’ve printed it, pasted it to a brick wall, “wear and tear” it, photograph it, then use the resulting image for the screenprint. Ease off the computer.

  12. I just found this pretty interesting read on how Shep is a massive plagiarist. Maybe once this came out and he had to start making his own work we see how shitty of an artist he actually is.


  13. real translation: “corporate shit for sale” – only $24,750

  14. What bugs me most is the lack of texture in his newer prints. Why couldn’t he have just turned this into a screenprint? http://tinyurl.com/3cmhdwr

  15. This forum loves to rag on poor Shep. It’s very entertaining. I don’t care for most of it either – particularly what been released in the past year or so. I have a hard time imaging where anyone would actually put this in their home. I wish he would stop releasing these meh posters every week & give us something awesome every couple months. How much crappy Shep can one man own on a weekly basis?

  16. Where is Mr. Prolific?

  17. @Nick, The link you posted Makes me hate him… especially the article about Wal*Mart.

  18. such drama from idiots

  19. iheartmyGD7, the author of the article ‘forgets’ to mention the nazis were the biggest plagiarists. the skull and bones design was already in use waaay before the nazis and a symbol like the swastika is already between 3000/5000 years old.
    i don’t like this print, but i like the pilosophy of keeping his prints affordable and trying to bring a message to the people. it would be easier to release arty farty prints that mean nothing and offence no one.

  20. yoooo did you guys see this shep interview on tmz



  21. ^ hahaahahahaha!!!!

    I saw that on FB, really made my day!

  22. Pretty obvious that although he was clearly annoyed with her for saying something, that video’s been edited out of context, and made to seem worse with the freeze frames and comments.

  23. dude got called out by his own wife. hahahahahahahah

  24. Hey admin, Why do you always stop my posts? Thought this was an open forum?

    Sorry if I stepped on any sensitive toes

  25. made to seem worse hahah, thats pretty bad in general with out freeze frames or anything of that nature, that video could have been 4 seconds long and we would have got the point there

  26. Kurt, so just because he stole something from the germans who stole it from someone else doesn’t make it any less plagiary. The article is on Shep, not the germans. I’m pretty sure everyone knows the swastica has been around long before the nazis. This is about the most piss poor argument I’ve seen in his favor, oh it’s cool because one of the things he stole just happened to be stolen already. Seriously, I used to like this too, in fact he’s one of the reasons I got started making art but open your god damn eyes and don’t make excuses for him.

  27. Remy…it’s already a print papas. It’s called Suit.

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