Huge, Insane, Amazing Art Prints by Josh Graham

Josh Graham (best known for his work with Neurosis and A Storm Of Light) has a stunning series of art prints available. Part of his new show, these are all HUGE 36″ x 51″ giclees, have editions of 10, and cost $500 each Visit E6 Gallery.

11 Responses to “Huge, Insane, Amazing Art Prints by Josh Graham”

  1. Those are REALLY cool!

  2. Insane crazy. I bet these are unreal in person.

  3. sweeeeet

  4. The last one is based on Pink Floyd’s Animals album cover, and that makes me want it even more.

  5. very cool!

  6. Too big and too spendy for my tastes unfortunately, but wow…amazing.

  7. I would have to hang these in my crying Indian room

  8. Screw the price, these are all incredible. Im sure they would all look great framed.

  9. Does anyone know, are these just photoshopped images or are they paintings?

  10. Looks like 3D renderings, not my cup of tea

  11. Yeah I agree, amazing content but I’m not a fan of the 3D rendering or photo-shop work. I’d much rather see paint for that price.

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