Shepard Fairey’s They Live Poster (Onsale Info)

Ahh, we can finally let this one out. Shepard Fairey is in Austin tonight to host They Live at the Alamo Drafthouse, so naturally he did a great new poster. This is an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, has an edition of 500, and will cost $50. Some copies go up tomorrow (Friday, June 10th) at a random time. There will also be an alternate colorway released by Obey eventually, I’ll keep you posted on that. Visit

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  1. I guess I didn’t express myself well with the rubylith statement. What I meant was, I assume the finished stencil work is scanned in and used to create the background and achieve certain textures. It’s probably manipulated, made print-ready, then exported for cutting of the rubylith.

    Of course it started from a photograph and some computer work, welcome to 99% of graphic design (he has never claimed to draw his subjects). I guess if you’re taking a stance against all photo-sourced graphic design, then fine, but there are certainly MANY prints out there with much less treatment to the original photo than this one.

    Personally, I think the most exciting thing about it is that we’re all pretty well versed in screenprinting (I don’t print, but I’ve certainly been in the middle of the creative process a number of times, you seem like you know what you’re talking about as well), and we don’t know exactly what the process was, given the pictures. He could have just “live traced” it, pulled some photos to collage for the background, sent the separated file to the printer, and been done with it. But that’s not exactly what happened here.I just think there is more to his process, further evidenced by that photo, than you’re giving him credit for.

  2. Yup, agreed. People pick on Shep all the time (including myself when it’s warranted), but I’m not just going to throw random accusations and critiques out there without knowing what actually happened.

    And I love all the comments that Tyler Stout should’ve done it. He’s very talented, but not all of his illustrations are original either. And he can’t do every single poster for you guys.

  3. To each his own, but I wouldn’t hang this in my closet. I like Shep sometimes when the image is strong, and some of the Mondo posters are cool, but it seems like these releases have become pure hype built up by the secondary market. Obey indeed. Meh all over this ugly poster.

  4. Some of the whining on this comments section and @MondoNews is almost laughable.

    Shep can’t draw hands
    Mondo are sell outs
    Everyone who bought one is flipping it on eBay
    It’s a linetrace from a photo, that’s it!
    Tyler should have done the print.

    The truth is..

    You Jelly

  5. @Ben It may be ugly to you but a 32 second sell out says plenty of people thought otherwise.

    I kinda like it. It’s going to look great hung with my Stout ‘the thing’ 7 ‘BTILC’.

    Incidentally, Stout’s Big Trouble In Little China print was available on Mondo Tees for a couple of weeks before it was sold out. No one complained that someone else should have done the poster. No one complained that Tyler can’t draw fingers. The people who liked it bought it, that’s all.

  6. @admin: That’s what I’m sayin’ book≠cover

    You have to be kidding me with any comments suggesting alternative artists on this project. This is the perfect marriage of artist and movie. Obey has based its entire empire from backbone branding to graphic elements on concepts from THIS movie.

  7. Hence the disclaimer ‘To each his own’. I have no doubt some people actually like this and it will go great with Shep or Mondo collections.

    But you can’t deny that LOTS of people thought they could flip this for easy money. Just look at all the ebay & eb listings sir. It’s like selling Elmo dolls at Christmas. And a 32 second sell out doesn’t mean jack shit. Shep + Mondo = Flipper’s paradise.

  8. nickelback sells a million records… it doesn’t mean its good.

  9. To anyone who picked this up, im jealous. Pretty fairey like if you ask me. First in a long time.

  10. I like Shep (his inability to draw/stencil hands is not a deal breaker for me). I like Mondo (their huge-ness/hipster/flipper’s paradise status notwithstanding). But, even more so, I like EB, and the sucker is down…

  11. LMAO at all “collectors” in this thread who know zero about printmaking.
    A. You most certainly CAN use stencils in silkscreening

    B. Tyler Stout draws doodles on small pieces of paper and then decides the arrangement before he SENDS them off for others to print…he doesnt pull his own prints, nor do most higher tier artists.

    C. Google for knowledge

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