Daniel Danger Show Info and Two Exclusive Art Print Images

Daniel Danger was kind enough to send over two images from his upcoming show at Tara McPherson’s new gallery/boutique, The Cotton Candy Machine. Tentatively titled “Wonder Wheel” and “Cyclone”, these are both slated to be 24″ x 36″ screenprints with possible cotton candy variants. Expect more awesome stuff to come. The show opens on July 8th and runs through July 31st. The Cotton Candy Machine is located at 235 South 1st Street in Brooklyn. For more info, visit TheCottonCandyMachine.com.

Click the images to see them larger:

16 Responses to “Daniel Danger Show Info and Two Exclusive Art Print Images”

  1. Great stuff! Love the Wonder Wheel one. I’ll definitely have to get over to the Cotton Candy Machine

  2. Good stuff again. Cotton Candy Machine just released a great Melvins print too.

  3. The Wonder Wheel one is just beautiful!

  4. I love that Daniel is expanding this theme that he started before. Been waiting for new prints.

  5. Great prints DD- will def be at the opening.

  6. LOVE these…gotta ask: will these be available on line?

  7. I absolutely love the sky in these, especially in the Cyclone one.

  8. Love the WW print–like it so much I already bought the Andrew Bird version–and have been interested to see if he’d ever release this as a standalone art piece.

    Am a bit disappointed by the huge 24×36 sizing on this though…

  9. Awesome. Definitely gonna go for the Cyclone!

  10. Excellent-

  11. Beautiful and impressive work… always love to see new stuff from DD

  12. Wow, these are really nicely done.

  13. Awesome mood depicted in these. My favorite subject matter is post apocalypse/abandoned urban decay, these depict that in a hard to describe, more approachable and soothing manner
    Very cool

  14. Would look good as diptych, but the size might mean that’s not possible. Sure many people might go for the pair though.

  15. Love the gritty mood to these. Great work.

  16. love love love these!

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