“Martini & Rossi” and “Grenadine” Art Print Set by Zenvironments

Zach Johnsen aka Zenvironments has released a new art print set featuring images from his recent Australian exhibition. “Martini & Rossi” and “Grenadine” are 20″ x 32″ giclees, have editions of 50, and cost $165 for the set. Visit Zenvironments.com.

10 Responses to ““Martini & Rossi” and “Grenadine” Art Print Set by Zenvironments”

  1. sick…

  2. probably zacks best work yet.. ordered a set.. these babies are amazing!!

  3. White socks with black loafers. Heh.

  4. And the socks are low-cut athletic socks too.. Simply player!!

  5. robert longo

  6. the woman by herself looks pretty gruesome lol, only in context with the guy does it look more ethereal

  7. This looks strangely familiar

    .. :\

  8. I like James Ropers stuff! Give me a large print of those pieces and i would be a happy camper!

    Chris, thanks for showing that artist!

  9. No problem my friend, hope you explored a bit of his paintings too! Insanity!

  10. Anybody else notice that sweet-ass Sony Discman she was carrying?

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