“Yellow Moon On The Rise” Art Print by Dan McCarthy

Dan McCarthy just released his best print of 2011 so far. “Yellow Moon On The Rise” is a 20″ x 20″ screenprint. Check out DanMcCarthy.org.

Click the image to see it larger:

7 Responses to ““Yellow Moon On The Rise” Art Print by Dan McCarthy”

  1. Real great

  2. Awesome.

  3. Sometimes I wish Dan didn’t release a print every month! This is gorgeous but off on holiday at the weekend so just can’t spare the cash this time. And there didn’t seem to be too many available when I checked last night, 200 or so. Is this a smaller edition than the lasts two does anyone know? They were 600 odd.

    But again, beautiful print!

  4. love dan’s work.

  5. Dan’s stuff is uniformly fantastic. +1 for me.

  6. hell yes!

  7. As I understand it: Dan’s editions are all around 550-600 now, but the first 300-350 are taken up by subscribers, which leaves 200 or so for the general public.

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