“Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives” Ten Color Screenprint by Chris Ware (Onsale Info)

I am seriously so excited to announce this. I’ve been in love with Chris Ware’s work since the day I started collecting posters, though I always wished he’d do more screenprints. Mondo was able to team up Ware to create an amazing print version of his poster for last year’s Palme d’Or winner at Cannes, “Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives”. This is a 24″ x 36″ TEN COLOR screenprint, has an edition of 400, and will cost $75. The detail on this is amazing, you will not believe it. Also, if you haven’t seen the film, seek it out, it’s an inventive, wonderfully strange ride. This goes up Friday, May 20th at a random time. Visit Mondotees.com.

Click the image to see it larger:

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  1. lol, I agree with a few of the above posts… pretty funny actually, so much of the crap that goes up sells out in a millisecond cause all the flippers bust all over it, but this one has been up for a long time, lol

    and Nick, here you go:


    on DVD or BluRay

  2. Thanks, but i had seen that…not released until July. I shouldve clarified that i dont know how to see the movie now when its not in theatres, or available for (legal) download or purchase till the summer.

  3. I have to say, I’m still quite surprised these aren’t sold out yet. I haven’t seen any Mondo release in a long while that has stuck around this long (granted the Fantastic Fest poster was an open edition). I wonder which factor is responsible: Price, obscurity of film (great film nonetheless!), or edition size.

  4. I don’t know what’s more shocking, that the Ware print is still available 14 hours after going up, or that the Werewolves on Wheels poster was so much more popular.

    @cayman: I wonder the same thing but I’m not sure it’s any of those, at least not completely. $75 is relatively low (see that new Tara McPherson giclee or almost any Mondo poster on eBay) so I don’t think that’s the major factor. The obscurity of the film ~should~ be a major factor but after seeing posters for “The Valley of Gwangi”, “Rabid”, and “Paul” sell out in a couple minutes* I don’t think that’s it either. Edition size? Maybe, but Werewolves on Wheels (speaking of obscure films!) had a combined run of 300 and only lasted a few hours.

    All of those you listed must have played some part but it can’t be the entire answer. Clearly flippers and investors have been buying the Mondo name more than anything else. Want proof? Look at Phantom City Creative’s web site and all the very good posters which have been on sale for weeks there with about 90% still available, and compare that to the Mondo posters from Phantom City which sold out in hours or, in at least one case, in minutes. The Mondo posters were no better than the other fine offerings from Phantom City but sold approximately 800 million times faster (I’m ballparking it). Look at the number of eBay auctions that use NOT MONDO in their descriptions to lure people searching for the word mondo. The name has been the major attraction for quite a while, at least until today.

    So what does it mean? Has the Mondo bubble finally burst? Have the fantasies of college loans paid off and dreamhouses purchased with sold Mondo prints faded away? Will Mondo prints start to show up at garage sales and flea markets like old Beanie Babies, Magic: The Gathering cards, and copies of “The Death of Superman” comic books? Those hobbies were all destroyed by speculators, did anyone think poster collecting would be any different? Greed always fucks things up and there’s plenty of greed in this hobby. Check the EB boards where members with titles like “Art Connoisseur” talk about prints in terms of monetary value only, like they’re talking about stocks or pork bellies**. This has become as much about profit as it is about art. Despite all that I’m guessing that this is just an anomaly. Mondo will be back on track soon enough, for better and for worse.

    There are a lot of complaints about Mondo; their site, items being removed from shopping carts, low runs, inconvenient drop times, ridiculously fast sellouts, etc. but I have no problem with them. I loathe the artificially inflated prices caused by flippers looking to turn a quick profit but I don’t hold that against Mondo. I’m often disappointed by the fast sellouts but them’s the breaks. I also see the positive side in these same “problems”. The low runs help keep prices high, and the Mondo name drives the aftermarket prices even higher. That sounds like a lose-lose for buyers but consider this: how much does it cost to hire an Olly Moss, Aaron Horkey, or a Tyler Stout? I don’t know but I bet it’s high, too high for most moviehouses to pay. The best talent is unavailable to most of the field but if Mondo can pay a reasonable amount AND give 50 or so sets of prints to the artist who can then sell them directly for $60-$75 each, or even flip on eBay under an assumed name for up to $1000 each (not that that has ever happened, right?) that top talent suddenly becomes affordable. The choice may be large, inexpensive runs of good-but-not-great talent or small, expensive runs of top talent. Given that choice I’m entirely in favor of Mondo’s business model.

    Maybe there’s some other, more mundane factor at work. How many of you started off buying print after print, only to realize that you do not have 6500 square feet of wall space to hang them on? At some point you have to start being more selective, especially when you’ve only got room for 2 or 3 more. Even if you only buy Mondo (and judging by the lack of comments on most non-Mondo posts I’d say that’s many of you) you quickly see that Mondo comes out with about 2 new prints per week, or roughly 100 a year. Who needs 100 new posters a year? If you miss one, who cares? There’s another good one just around the corner, and if you REALLY need to have it then eBay will have plenty. And this ignores the hundreds of other excellent posters from other sites.

    Even after all that seemingly endless rambling I’m still stumped by this Chris Ware poster. I think it’s beautiful and had every reason to sell out faster than something like, say, Maniac Cop 2. Whatever caused its relative failure, I hope that this surprising lack of interest in the Ware poster convinces the flippers that not every Mondo print can be resold for 5 times the retail price, and maybe they’ll desert the hobby, like a cancer that has been cut out. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

    *Before anyone says, “I’ve seen Rabid 37 times so what the fuck do you mean it’s obscure?!?”, know that it doesn’t matter how many times YOU have seen any of these, they’re still obscure.

    **I’m not referring to ~all~ members of EB of course, I enjoy the site quite a lot and most of the people who post there, but it is easy to see the dollar signs in people’s minds if you’re willing to see them.

  5. I was planning on getting this, but then David O’Daniel dropped 5 posters in the morning, 3 of which I got. With three though were 3 posters as part of the Good, Bad, Ugly, and 2 for Godfather. So while I spent double what the Ware costs, I really got 6 amazing pieces. There are so many great artists out there and limited dollars.

  6. I skipped because it’s LIME GREEN AND PINK!!! As a migraine sufferer having this on the wall is a recipe for pain. Regardless of the artist and their reputation, it is simply extremely unpleasing to my eyes. Great for all who like it but it just looks gaudy to me and I can see why it’s still up and probably will be for a while yet.

    You’d have to really love the artist/film to hang that!

  7. Just wait! After the Thor FAILIPS, all the mondo flipper noobs are starting to realize, not everything Mondo sells is a huge flip.

    THIS IS TRASH!!!! 93 still available, HUGE failip, keep trying to build hype, this place is like a mini expresso beans….


  8. @taper

    How do you know there’s only 93 left?

  9. Really taper, the one thing you try to stand against is Chris Ware? Of all things? One of the best artists in the world? Get real.

  10. still not sold out? really? i know it´s not everyone´s cuppa, but this is chris ware ferchrissakes!

  11. Does anyone think the problem could be the fact that this doesn’t really look like a Chris Ware print?
    People like an artist because they like their style, but when the artist decides to try something new they’re going to loose some fans.

  12. Admin, I don’t care if it a Picasso… this is CRAP! I don’t buy Erykah Badu EMEK prints…

    Oh look, Chris ware splattered catsup on that plate, quick, everyone buy it!!!

  13. I think EMEK is the best artist in the world! Some people think Shepard Fairey is the best, I laugh at that… Some mentally challenged folks even think Brainwash is the best…

  14. just got this in the mail – looks amazing first hand.

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