Sonnenzimmer X Ork Posters Chicago Neighborhood Prints

Wow, I’m really blown away by this Sonnenzimmer / Ork Posters collaboration. Using test prints, Sonnenzimmer created 50 unique versions of Ork Posters’ famous Chicago Neighborhood Poster. These are 18″ x 24″ screenprints for $65 each. Because of the process, no two are alike. Visit

4 Responses to “Sonnenzimmer X Ork Posters Chicago Neighborhood Prints”

  1. I wish they would do this for Philly. I have their black/white version now, but this is so much better!!

  2. Nice. My friend’s wife has the Portland one.

    Now I know where to get one of my own as she couldn’t remember where she got it.

  3. I’m glad they included some international cities over the past year. It’s really great work and I was super excited to hear that Sonnenzimmer was involved in this one. Makes a lot of sense. I think both studios are close to each other. Ork could try this type of collaboration for future city posters.

  4. oh, than have a look at these:

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