“The Omen” Art Print by Godmachine

I truly believe that Godmachine is one of the most underrated illustrators around. His new art print, “The Omen” is a 16.5″ x 23.5″ screenprint, has an edition of 45, and costs £20. Visit his shop.

4 Responses to ““The Omen” Art Print by Godmachine”

  1. This guys stuff is just blows me away – beautifully sinister. And nobody draws skulls quite like him. OUTSTANDING.

  2. Wow, this reminds me of a dark Aaron Horkey

  3. Godmachine is definitely underrated although I understand that his typical subject matter is not everyone’s cup o’ tea. I respect the fact that he stays true to his roots and draws what he loves, for the bands he loves*. He’s the real deal.

    *What you see in his store is only a small portion of the work he produces

  4. this would look great on those affliction shirts i see frat guys wear at the local watering hole

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