Kevin Tong’s Mogwai Poster (Onsale Info)

Behind the scenes, I’ve been quietly working with Mogwai on posters for their current tour. One of my favorites is by Kevin Tong, which will be released today. It’s an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, has an edition of 80, and will cost $30. It goes up today (Thursday, May 12th) at a random time. Visit

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  1. Love the design and color. Fantastic work.

  2. Gorgeous work! If it didn’t have the Mogwai writing on it I’d hang that. Nothing against Mogwai, as I’ve been a big fan of theirs for many, many years. Just hanging band branded pieces isn’t really my thing. But again, beautiful work! Anyone know what programme he finishes in? That circular image tool would come in handy in some of my stuff.

  3. That’s beautiful…

  4. super rad kevin, you pack a powerful punch with just two colors.

  5. I second the motion for an art print version of this. The only concert posters I’ll hang are for shows I was at and had some sort of sentimental meaning.

    But I really dig this print and want one.

  6. If your listening, Kevin, I third the motion to drop an art print as well. I still cant believe its just two colors!

  7. Can someone tell me when Kevin “usually” puts up prints?

  8. Haven’t read much about this, but damn if that doesn’t look like a self-portrait of Tong in the print! Gorgeous!

  9. O man…2 colors…..Tong continues to amaze me

  10. Ps. Awesome series mitch

  11. This print is absolutely GORGEOUS in person.

  12. This poster is incredibly beautiful! Been waiting hours for this to drop…

  13. ahhhh, i really want this… come on kevin, put it on, i am tired of pressing refresh.

  14. This is driving me nuts!

  15. I agree with all of the above in that KT should release it as an art print as well. As Jonathan wrote, this image is simply too gorgeous too be used only as a gig poster.

  16. Kevin told me he wasn’t planning on doing an art print version. But hey, if there’s a big enough reaction to this one from fans, he may just change his mind.

  17. It’s not that I wasn’t planning on doing an art print version, but it’s just not possible with this design and the nature of screen printing. Also, I love and respect Mogwai as a band so much that I want this image to be just for them and their fans.

    I’m going to drop these puppies into my online store ( in the next five minutes (the time is now @:21 pm PST).

  18. seriously, wtf. . . sat around all day waiting for this print to go up. and it sold out. literally sat around all day. second i like checkout in paypal its sold out. </3

    so sad.

  19. Don’t worry, there’s always another awesome Kevin Tong print right around the corner!

  20. man, this is ridiculous. i must have pressed refresh 100 times today.. went out for a smoke, pressed refresh on the phone and it pops up, go through paypal, do everything and its sold out. wtf.

  21. its also sad to think how many of these will end up on ebay :( damn i really like this print.

  22. Thx for the update, Kevin! Revealing the drop time… now that’s what I call an OMG exclusive! 😉 Good to know your reasoning for keeping the image for the band and their fans.

    And Senor Novos is right, another Kevin work(s) will be available soon enough.

  23. amazing work Kevin. Always so impressive to the process and the final product.

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