“RWB KepRage” Art Print by SABER

Wow, I bet this huge new art print by SABER looks awesome in person. “RWB KepRage” is a 28.25″ x 36.75″ twelve color screenprint, has an edition of 200, and costs $250. To purchase, shoot Opera Gallery an email.

4 Responses to ““RWB KepRage” Art Print by SABER”

  1. For some reason this doesn’t strike me as a 12 color print. Looks good though.

  2. ^^ agreed. Old school graph style. I mean it’s nice but 250?

  3. This print is gorgeous! I have seen it in person and what doesn’t seem to come through in this photo are the pearlescent and metallic layers. I like that his work always has a lot more texture in person. Also, I love letterforms!

  4. SABER is a LA true graffitti -street- artist. I wish I could afford this one. An awesome print for collection. Internationally known too. This is really hot!

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