Kevin Tong’s I Saw The Devil Poster (Onsale Info)

The Alamo Drafthouse will release Kevin Tong’s impressive I Saw The Devil poster tomorrow. It’s a 24″ x 36″ screenprint, has an edition of 185, and will cost $45. It goes up tomorrow (Thursday, May 12th) at a random time. Visit

As a side note, Mondo will also release their first ever limited edition VHS today, the insane video-shot microbudget horror film Sledgehammer. Keep an eye out for it today (Wednesday, May 11th) at a random time. Same place,

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  1. I still watch VHS….this is rad!

    Also are the tapes numbered/limited? Mainly wondering if there is a rush to get this or can I still buy it after payday.

  3. OK instant sold out…guess it is limited

  4. Awesome print Kevin, nice work on that splatter-y type.

  5. Does that tape have Macrovision or can I make 1000 copies to flip? That’s assuming there are still 1000 people in the world with VCRs. I’m surprised the cover isn’t nicer but I suppose it has that ‘bad ’80s horror movie on VHS’ look. That hammer makes me wonder if this is better than Thor. It’s gotta be, right?

    What would be amazing is if it’s better than this:

  6. @YG: the cover has that ‘bad ’80s horror movie on VHS’ look because it’s the original cover art for a bad ’80s movie on VHS. Mondo didn’t change the art for their release.

    Here’s the original box from ’83

    If Mondo can somehow spur an entire new generation of VHS bootlegging I’d say that’ve accomplished more than they ever dreamed possible 🙂

  7. Having just finished watching the movie, I’m really eager to snag that I Saw the Devil. So naturally it drops on a day when I probably won’t be able to get it unless it’s a really early drop or a really late drop.

    Oh well, finger’s crossed all the same.

  8. This movie was awesome!

  9. @ij: Well that explains the cheesy hairband metal font. Sledge Hammer! Live at Whisky a Go Go! Or more likely, performing live at the quad at their high school.

    It will be interesting to see what other tapes Mondo releases. I don’t even know if my old VCR still works or if it’s even plugged in. It may be about time to blow the dust off it.

  10. Scored an ‘I Saw the Devil’ print. RAD!
    Finally didnt lose one during checkout.

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