Tyler Stout Interview at Ain’t It Cool News

Ain’t It Cool News contributor Quint sat down with Tyler Stout in Austin for a rare, extensive interview. There’s a lot of insight here about process, ideas, etc, it’s a really great interview. Visit AintItCoolNews.com.

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  1. Great, great interview! Stout is the man! I have to agree with Tyler, THE THING is his best print to date. Also fun read about his difficulties/irritation of drawing Harrison Ford’s face:-)

  2. Have to go with LTROI myself. For the very reason he states, it’s subtlety. Stout is a very talented illustrator, no doubt but most of the time his prints are just far too busy for me. Compositionally speaking, they are always very similar as well. But his LTROI is beautiful! The sparseness reflects the film perfectly. It’s the only Stout I own and I’d like to see a few more pieces done in this manner by him. For me, Martin Ansin is still the best illustrator on Mondo’s books. Hope they hook up with him again soon, because at his best (Bride of Frankenstein, Wolfman, Phantom of the Opera) he does the best Mondo prints to date for me.

  3. id love one of these quint prints….just saying…

  4. Great read. Stout rules.

    I think the Akira prints are the best but my favorite is still Il Grande Lebowski.

  5. Stout is such a cool dude, great interview!

  6. Can you imagine the sheer panic and fevered antisipation if Mondo got Stout to do JAWS…

  7. every interesting, if he ever did an escape from new york print, which judging from the interview looks pretty likely the internet would melt down. have to agree with pete though LTROI is my favourite piece of his and the top of my framing list for when i get a new job.

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