The Biggest Nakatomi Mystery Tube Sale Yet!

Nakatomi Inc. is having a huge mystery tube sale this week. For $50, you get five random prints that are either misprinted, slightly damaged, or possibly perfectly normal. The first 75 orders will also receive test prints. There’s a ton of big stuff up for grabs, check out the site to see some of it. Visit

10 Responses to “The Biggest Nakatomi Mystery Tube Sale Yet!”

  1. In! Worth a punt for $50… even with the $20 international shipping on top! Just hope I don’t end up with five Cooper prints…

  2. i’m in like Flynn
    i’m on it like white on rice
    either way you cut it Nakatomi toobs are always awesome and more fun to open than a SW prequel vhs cassette on xmas

  3. Got one!

  4. Be a hell of a result if you end up with a steel ‘Canyons of San Angeles’ piece! But given the whole flat steel + shipping thing (tubes not going to work on that!) I think the likes of me in the UK can rule that one out! Think the four lucky souls will be in the US for those. Still, plenty of nice bits going here and I think I’ll have to be due some pretty bad luck to feel totally underwhelmed when I open mine… touch wood of course 😉 Mind you… the wood pieces probably aren’t coming over the Atlantic either.

  5. Oh poster addiction… how you kill my kill my band account. +1

  6. Oh poster addiction… how you kill my kill my bank account. +1

  7. If I end up with that wood stout there’s gonna be some stout wood in Denver that day.



  8. What a killer mystery tube sale! This looks to be one of the best mystery sales I have seen. Way stoked!

  9. All gone! Glad I was quick off the bat on tha one.

  10. Got one like a boss.

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