Olly Moss at Gallery 1988 (Pictures!)

Big thanks to Kevin Tong for snapping some photos at Gallery 1988’s Olly Moss show this past weekend. In case you somehow haven’t heard, Olly secretly debuted 300 lasercut Victorian profile pieces, all based on pop-culture references. There were a few prints there too, but the entire gallery full of one-offs is the real story here. Check out the pictures at Flickr.

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  1. awesome in their simplicty, iconic in their execution, cheeky as all hell and never EVER going to get to be on my wall. love ’em from afar all the same, and i hope gallery 1988 or someone gives us an online slideshow of all the pieces sometime. bravo!

  2. Olly’s work is an absolute joy to look at. The idea behind and execution of these is incredible. I find it fascinating that he can do so much with so little, something that i am totally incapable of doing.
    I’d give my left arm for the ‘Withnail and I’ piece.

  3. Such an outstanding show. Olly should be very proud.
    I was lucky enough to have someone grab me the “three boob alien girl” from Total Recall. That one’s going up in the kids’ room :)

  4. are any of these going to make it online??

  5. /Film interview:


    Have not been overly keen on his work to date (ESB excluded mind as that is just lovely!) but this is great fun! Smashed glass on the Die Hard frame and framed exclamation mark above Snake are such quality touches. This guy just seriously altered my opinion of him!

  6. I was lucky enough to snag the Admiral Ackbar “It’s a Trap!” and the “Neo Tokyo” which was the Tetsuo Kaneda from Akira. Also, and this was awesome, my friends and I along with two other hardcore fans waited all night (20+) hours in order to be the first 6 in line. Because we were the first 6, Olly gave us special one-off prints for the 6 of us as we made our purchases. Super cool guy. Super cool show. I highly recommend everybody check it out when you get a chance. Last I saw, only one, maybe two were left up for grabs but that was yesterday morning and a lot of things can change by then.

  7. Just as an FYI, how were the prices? I don’t see any mention on the gallery site.

    Could someone post up a random sampling of pieces with prices so we have an idea of what costed what? Godfather, WonderWoman, LisaSimson, or anything else you remember?

  8. @ 3d

    On expressobeans.com collectors have prices listed between $220 and $450 (ish) as the moment.

  9. @3d again:




  10. Make that up to $700. Didn’t see that first one before

  11. yawn.

  12. This is a great photobucket set that shows pretty much EVERY SINGLE piece individually, often with the price/nametag: http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v140/nohoohboy/Olly%20Moss/

  13. Looks like a great show. Congratulations Olly, and thank you Kevin for all the photos.

  14. I was fortunate enough to attend the show over the weekend and it was amazing to see these pieces in person. if anyone has any questions about the pieces and/or prices please feel free to contact me.

    I picked up three originals and two prints. I am beyond ecstatic.

  15. @Drew Millward – The Withnail & I piece was actually the very last one available when I visited the galler yesterday. It might still be up for sale. Just get a friend to drop in and they can buy it for you!

  16. Regarding prices, it was generally $225 for single-framed pieces, $450 for doubles (like, for example, Gob and Franklin), and $700 for series of three. Then there were the big collection pieces, like the LOTR Fellowship ($1200) and all the Dr. Who’s ($1500).

  17. Anyone know if the Cowboy Bebop print (3 2 1 Let’s Jam) is for sale anywhere?

  18. Hey dudes,

    It’s me again. Thought you’d be interested to see these pictures: http://astonishingblog.com/featured/ollymoss/

  19. This work does nothing for me. It’s repetitive, simple and boring. I don’t understand how it can be called “outstanding” or “awesome” but hey, that’s the joy of art, each to their own!

  20. @Jonathan Brebner Hey there, thanks for the heads up. I can’t imagine it’s still up for grabs now, and i’m not in a position to lay the money out at the moment. Would absolutely love it though. Maybe one day.

  21. I’m generally a fan of Olly Moss. Not a fan of these laser cut pieces. Especially at the prices he is asking. Borderline college “art class project” work. 300 framed black and white silhouettes for $200USD each? Seriously? Not for me.

  22. His designs are definitely becoming iconic in the poster world. He should be proud.

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