Ken Taylor’s Moby Dick Print (Onsale Info)

A portion of Ken Taylor’s Moby Dick prints will go up for sale tomorrow. This one is an 18″ x 36″ screenprint, has an edition of 100, and will cost $45. There’s also a variant with an edition of 30 for $75. Both go up tomorrow (Thursday, May 5th) at 2pm Central Time. Visit

Due to some site issues, this has been postponed till Thursday, May 5th at 7pm Central Time. Sorry for the delay!

33 Responses to “Ken Taylor’s Moby Dick Print (Onsale Info)”

  1. Will definitely have to try and get one of these…

  2. Here we go again, huh, Mitch and Jay? 😉 Mitch, you have your own merchant account for P&T? If so, you can bypass Paypal completely and not have to worry about oversells.

  3. This was a hoax, no prints went up for sale at 2:00 PM Central.

  4. Delayed?

  5. Umm….where are they?

  6. where are the prints, this is driving me crazy!!! Is the time that is posted incorrect?

  7. aaaaaaarrrrgggghhhhh lol

  8. Good question, thought something was fishy (HAHA get it), when he didn’t have the image on the site as a preview…

  9. Did I get my time zones mixed up?

  10. yes but a whale is not a fish…. just sayin
    (smart ass comment for the morning done, sorry)

  11. But they munch on fish … it was longshot :)

  12. I think mitch passed out from too much cerveza this Cinco de Mayo…

  13. postponed. aaaaaaarrrrgggghhhhh again lol

  14. Yeah, blame the servers for being drunk on Cinco de Mayo! heh

  15. Ha, I don’t drink!

  16. yeah i was wondering if i had gone made and got my time zones all messed up. this one was supposed to drop at 4.30am (adelaide, australia time) but i dont want to go back for a few hours kip before work and miss out. dilemma – and there is nothing on the tv at this time of the day either to keep me awake.

    I too began to wonder when there were no previews on the P&T site – and the pans prints are still there from a week go.

  17. cheers for the update – i can go back to bed now – and dream of killing the F5 key on my work computer in the hope to snag one.

  18. fuck. thats too darn late for me. =(

  19. xMitchx 😉

  20. Oh well, I guess I can get some work done now lol

  21. HAHA I knew the mammal comment was coming as soon as I hit submit. :O HAHA Will try again later…

  22. Those seriously sold out in 30 seconds, no joke.

  23. Got a +1, thanks for putting these up Mitch!

  24. I have one in my cart.. but I can’t check out.. I’m assuming they’re all sold?

  25. Just like with the Horkey’s, I missed both of these, too. Both were in my cart mere seconds after 7 PM, yet I couldn’t check out. Talk about the elusive white whale… Capn Ahab, where are you??? heh

    Mitch, I definitely like what you have done with P&T. However, I will not waste my time again until you overhaul your order sys. Now, that may mean something as simple as a random drop time or more complex as getting your own mcht acct so that you can bypass Paypal entirely.

    Whatever you choose to do, let us all know in a post here on OMG, k?

  26. I agree with CJD, P&T is great but it is so frustrating to get something in your cart and not be able to get through all the way.

  27. @CJD I would honestly bet a lot of the reason for your fail was you were greedy and went after both. Considering the 1st edition were sold at the show and Mitch probably had something like 15-20 of the variants.

    I think there are enough people sitting there right at 7 that if you take the time to go for both. You miss both.

    Just my opinion, but if its a print you really wanted, I would be willing to bet if you just went after 1 you would have scored.

  28. @Baker – Not speaking for CJD but I just went for one and didn’t make it. Its a bummer.

  29. Is there a way to find out how fast these things sell out?

  30. @Matt M – But I mean that kind of proves my point I guess. If people are missing out on going for singles of it. Why would he think you are going to be able to swing grabbing both prints in one shot.

    And yes, it is a total bummer to miss it. I didnt score on this one either.

    It’s like on the Stout Kill Bill drop. Somehow, and I have no idea how, a few people managed to grab one of each in one shot. I personally would never take that risk and just went for a variant and scored it. There are also a few people though who went for both only to get both sold out.

    I guess what I am saying is like I said above. If it is something you really want to have on your walls, pick a colorway and go for that. Cause going for both is just asking for trouble.

  31. I had the same problem as those mentioned above. Went for just one print, had it in my cart mere seconds after they went live, but could never check out.

  32. @Baker Why on earth is it greedy to want both? Ken Taylor’s work is so awesome that can you blame anyone for wanting both colorways? FYI: Only the variant was in my cart and still no-go-for-mio. However, I don’t mind at all in missing out. Not like I’m distantly related to Melville or anything. lol

    So Tyler’s Kill Bill drop went off without a hitch? Glad to heart that, as I know nothing about it – was it thru Mondo? His Iron Man 2 drop thru his Etsy page (!!!) was a total disaster. Many were upset, although I’m sure they survived.

  33. No, stout hasnt sold his copies yet.

    I wasnt trying to say you are some greedy person or something. But unless I read it wrong above you said you had both in your cart for the sale. And I myself, dont risk going for both colorways of a print cause I know the risks drastically increase on getting shut out.

    It’s just my opinion is all. I would rather have one of them than 0 of them.

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