“0000” Movie Poster by Jay Shaw (Onsale Info)

Jay Shaw, better known around here as Iron Jaiden, has a pretty amazing, official movie poster going up for sale tonight. Made for Eddie Alcazar’s new film ‘0000’, this is a 12″ x 24″ nine color screenprint (complete with metallic and glow), has an edition of 100 (much less available online), and will cost $35. It goes up tonight (Friday, April 29th) at midnight Mountain Time. Please note, that’s Friday night, not Friday morning. Visit Kingdom Of Nonsense.

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  1. I was going to give a half-hearted compliment to Iron Jaiden anyway, just to be nice because he’s a great guy. But then I saw the art and realized that I don’t need to give him a fake compliment, because he did a fantastic job and deserves a sincere compliment because this poster is awesome. It’s the real deal. Nice job!

  2. I liked this as soon as I saw it. I was surprised to see it was by Jaiden; I didn’t even know he was an artist. Nice work, man.

  3. I was shocked it was a screen print, kudos.

    Thought for sure the giclee monster struck again!

    Well done and GREAT price.

  4. Another print gone in the blink of an eye. What is the point of releasing art no one can get? What does a collector do once he has enough posters to fill his walls? Nothing like having for the sake of having. Oh well….

  5. Now that’s what I call a fast sell out. Congrats to Iron Jaiden!

  6. yeah i was in right at 12 and they where insta gone oh well what ya gonna do very nice print tho

  7. meh, dint get one.

    Really cool print tho.

  8. lol you’ve made it now mate, on omg!!

  9. Gone in seconds! Great sale and trivia again Jay!!

  10. Great fun, I learned an obscure fact or two and snagged me a print!

    Roll on the next release!

  11. Meh… reminds me of Tetris Heart or whatever Tong did for Tetris… but not as high quality…. flip away, hype away!

  12. @Meh: So you’re saying I’m a bit like a poor man’s Kevin Tong? Dude right on!!! On my very best day I get to be a poor man’s Tong. 🙂

  13. Why not be original? Where did the idea for that Shining print come from? I know where….. you STOLE it!

  14. Without even reading the title it I stupidly thought it was yet another Kevin Tong Poster , very similar in style and colours. Yet amazing all the same!

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