Aaron Horkey’s Pan’s Labyrinth Poster (Artist Copies Onsale Info)

The leftover portion of Aaron Horkey’s Pan’s Labyrinth posters will go up for sale tomorrow. This is a 15″ x 37.5″ screenprint, has an edition of 420, and will cost $75. There’s also a variant with an edition of 125 for $150. Both go up tomorrow (Thursday, April 28th) at 2pm Central Time. If you already bought one from Mondo, please be respectful and let those that missed out have a chance. Visit Postersandtoys.com.

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    Good luck!

  2. As a customer of Mitch’s (PostersandToys.com), it bothers me that he never gives the quantity of the remaining prints.

    For example, his entire stock of these Horkey Pan’s Labyrinth’s SOLD OUT IN ABOUT 30 SECONDS today.
    So, less than a minute after the drop-time, they were all gone. If there were only 8 variants available (for example), I would’ve liked to have known. And I wouldn’t have wasted my time in attempting to snag one.

    About 15 seconds after the drop, both were added to my cart and still no-go for this Horkey and Torres fan – the dreaded “0 available” error message once checkout was attempted.

    I’ll contact Mitch early next week and see if this problem can be prevented in the future. New shopping cart software that prevents oversell, perhaps? Reminds me of the time when Tyler Stout sold his Iron Man 2 via Etsy. Yes, Etsy. Silly kiddo learned his lesson! lol

  3. i thinkpart of the excitement of these drops is in the not knowing- you just do your damnedest and hope for the best! and try not to be bitter about missing out- there just isn’t a perfect way to sell so few things to so many people

    and i’m writing this having missed out on every mondo and p&t high profile drop and without any confirmation that i’ve been lucky this time!

  4. Had pretty much half the run.

    CJD, as far as I know, every Paypal-connected system has some oversell, I’ll just have to stop announcing exact times for stuff liek this.

  5. Missed it 🙁

    Though to blame is my own confusion over US timezones (way too many guys!) not any oversell dramas.

    Any chance of getting a converter clock widget on the P&T site so those of us outside of the US can wrap our heads around what time to aim for a little easier?

  6. keep doing what you do, mitch.

    there is always going to be someone that misses out.

  7. have to say the last few P&T drops have been smooth as, given my first ever attempt for a Horkey (Isis last year) was a complete fail….the timed drops are good for me…random drops take a bit more dedication and can be pretty time consuming, and,as i havent received a refund mail for this drop…I’d like to say, if it aint broken dont fix it hehe
    cheers Mitch

  8. Agree with lew. Control what you can control Mitch. Which is giving us whiney collectors opportunity after opportunity to own amazing pieces of art.

  9. Thx for the comments, Admin. Glad to know Mitch had half the print run, so at least I had a 10-second shot. lol

    The problem is not announcing the drop times, the problem lies with the shopping cart itself. It’s not Mitch’s fault – he simply uses the wrong one for this type of sale. No big deal. CartGenie was an example of allowing a set quantity to be ordered and no oversales, yet I don’t know if that’s still the case.

    I’m not a “whiney collector” or eBay flipper who is upset at missing out. Not in the least. C’est la vie and la vie goes on. OTOH, there are many who are upset and unfortunately, he may have lost them as customers for good. Like Mitch, I also run a biz, however I thankfully don’t have to deal with irate e-customers. Whew!

    BTW, excellent comments by “jools as well…. “morecowbell” and “lew? well, you now have been educated. Mitch can control it with the right software and save himself a whole lotta headaches next time.

  10. The site felt pretty good today.

    I did get refunded but it seems due to the paypal lag rather than the P&T site.

  11. edumucate’d

  12. CJD: Mitch and “Admin” are the same person.

    Oversells seem to always be a paypal issue. Their system just isn’t set up for this type of thing. Thing is if you wanna sell stuff on the internet you basically have to use them in some capacity. The only way I know to prevent that is to have a cart in place that slows down the rush by holding orders for a time before they’re paid for. Works fine for folks like me with bigcartel stores and whatnot but for high profile sites like P&T and Mondo that type of system would be a nightmare.
    Obey even has oversells on popular releases. It’s unfortunate but I think the problem lies a little deeper than cart software.


    Right on everyone who scored today. It’s a lovely poster 🙂

  13. Don’t change anything, Mitch.

    Announcing times is the way to go, for me anyway. I’d much prefer to get up just before 4 or 5am, (try to) score a poster and then go back to bed than sit up all night refreshing.

    I was lucky enough to score a variant, with a very average internet speed from Australia. Even screwed up in the purchase process a couple times and had to make corrections.

    Thanks, P&T!

  14. @ Iron Jaiden: Thx for the info! I’ve been reading this blog for over 2 years and had no idea Mitch and Admin were one and the same… but now his secret identity is revealed!! lol Perhaps because the “about” pages on P&T & OMG are purposely vague as to who runs them?

    Like countless others, I’ve never been a big fan of Paypal. If Mitch has his own merchant account (as do I) he can bypass Paypal completely. Would that work? If Paypal’s sys allows for oversells, I’m not surprised in the least bit.

    BTW, wish I had known about your Shining print beforehand – just signed up for your email list so I won’t miss out again. 😉

    @deancc I agree that Mitch should keep posting drop times, however he may wanna experiment with a lottery like Emek or the random drop time like Mondo et al.

    Congrats on scoring that variant waaaaaay down under! I tried numerous times to checkout but couldn’t. Oh well, c’est la vie.

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