“Exit 11” Art Print by John Cebollero

Creep Machine, one of my favorite art blogs, just started a new print shop called Paper Devil Press. Their first print is John Cebollero’s “Exit 11″, an 8.25″ x 10” giclee with an edition of 20 for $50. Visit PaperDevil.com.

5 Responses to ““Exit 11” Art Print by John Cebollero”

  1. My wife is going to love this one in the living room!

  2. Didn’t this guy show up at an Alex Pardee signing?

  3. Very nice!

    But doesnt the underwear look surprisingly clean for a guy living in a cave in a pool of blood?

  4. Thanks for posting this. The next print will be from Dave MacDowell, and not so bloody looking. 🙂

    I took some better photos of this print so you can see how good they came out.



  5. This picture reminds me of the vampires in Blade part two. Gives me the creeps but it’s a awesome piece of work.

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