New Prints and a Painting Show by Jay Ryan

First of all, head over to Rotofugi to check out Jay Ryan’s amazing painting show. His work has really progressed and is full of emotion, you can really tell being a father has changed his art. They are now taking emails, head over to

In addition, he’s got a handful of new prints up at his store. These are all limited, inexpensive screenprints. Head over to

5 Responses to “New Prints and a Painting Show by Jay Ryan”

  1. What an outstanding show! Most of the paintings have sold (and for good reason).
    Of course Jay would have to put out an adorable dinosaur pack / awesome Low poster up today. So much for saving money this month. 🙂

  2. These are simply outstanding. Wish I had gotten on this earlier cause a couple of the “cheaper” ones I would have loved to have had a shot at. Really great work on those!

  3. Man, I love the new stuff, always admired his work from “afar” but these paintings are ridiculously cool and I can see the whole Dad aspect too, I would kill to see a couple of these as prints for that very reason.

  4. Baby-In-Danger Terrors. Man, I don’t miss those.

    Someone tell Jay that they go away, eventually.

  5. wow! looks like the next level…

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