Aaron Horkey’s Pan’s Labryrinth Poster (Onsale Info)

The Alamo Drafthouse will release this stunning Pan’s Labyrinth poster by Aaron Horkey tomorrow. It’s a 15″ x 37.5″ screenprint, has an edition of 420, and will cost $75. There is also a variant with an edition of 125 for $125. Both go up tomorrow (Friday, April 22nd) at a random time. Visit Mondotees.com.

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  1. I am personally not a fan of how Mondo drops prints. I think Emek is a bit more creative. He once sent everyone on his mailing list a mulitple choice question and the right answer goy you an invite to buy the print. It seems fair and even and you know you are competing with others that really care about the work. I also like Tyler Stout doing his lottery drop which seems pretty fair as well.

  2. Hate hate hate the idea of a lottery, then you really feel like you got screwed and people will claim it is rigged. The multiple choice thing is not a bad idea.

    Also @SIQ, I see your point on the larger runs. But it comes down to why people want to buy these. If you love these for the art, then larger runs are perfect. But if you are a collector and value prints for their rarity, you hate the idea of larger runs. And we have seen a larger run with Stout’s SW sets (850 reg and 250 var) which has reduced the price that flippers can get them for on ebay.

    I’m not saying Mondo’s system is perfect and it does cater to people who can sit in front of their computers with high speed connections but if it is really important to you, you might just have to pay more for faster internet and take a half day at work if you want to get the drop.

  3. To avoid frustration I chose to simply admire the art & not even go for the print today. I think I’m pretty much done trying to get anything from Mondo anyway. Awesome work as usual by Mr. Horkey. Congrats to those who scored. 🙂

  4. love the print but everyone hating on mondo and flippers..just give it a month, youll be able to get this print on ebay for $100

  5. Really? Bigotry now? Bums me to out to come here and see this stuff. 🙁

  6. IJ, I deleted the comment you were talking about.

    From now on, unfounded shit-talk will be deleted. You guys are exhausting lately.

  7. Are we certain that Mondo employees aren’t putting these on ebay themselves?

  8. I usually don’t understand all the fuss about Horkey’s work, but these really were fantastic, wish I coul have landed one

  9. I usually don’t understand all the fuss about Horkey’s work, but these really were fantastic, wish I could have landed one

  10. Wow, reading all this whining made me really miss expresso beans… HAHAAH! I don’t really dig this, for a Horkey, wish I could read the lettering 🙁

  11. I appreciate the fact that Horkey stuck to the original title.

  12. Noob, yes, we are sure of that. I know all of the Mondo employees personally and that doesn’t happen. Plus, if they were out for more money, Mondo could’ve easily just charged more for the prints in the first place.


  13. Mondo is rubbing it in…just got this via email after I lost my print during the checkout process:

    “We noticed that you recently visited Mondo, but you did not complete your order.

    Did you have any problems placing your order? Is there is anything we can do to help make your shopping experience better?

    If you would like to continue this order click here.

    Please let us know and we will do our best to address any issues or concerns you might have.

    Thanks for your feedback, Mondo.”

  14. So you got burnt twice!

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