Rod Luff Exhibition at Phone Booth Gallery

Phone Booth Gallery just posted their newest show, this time it’s Australia’s Rod Luff. Considering the prices on his prints last year, these originals are very affordable. Check out

4 Responses to “Rod Luff Exhibition at Phone Booth Gallery”

  1. excellent pieces of art right there.

    my favorite being “red room”. lucky person that picked that up!

  2. the man is a freaking genius

  3. I tried to persuade the wife that we needed another piece of art for the wall but was shot down. Well actually, she ignored me so I figured that meant no and I’d already spent a ton on prints this month.

    That being said, these are gorgeous pieces and I would be proud to have any one of them on my wall. I love the fact that there is such diversity in his style. Looking at that page you’d think it was three different artists.

    When artists like this have pieces going unsold while others that are simply hype machines pull in 5-6 figures per piece makes me sad.

  4. The show was indeed amazing. I purchased “Inspired Flight”. Rod is a very talented artist.

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