Mario Art Prints by Proton Factories

I don’t know why, but I really love these art prints by Proton Factories. The first version of Mario sold out, but you can still score the blue variant. These are small, limited screenprints for $20 (regular) and $50 (blue variants). I’d expect them to move fairly quickly. Visit Proton Factories.

10 Responses to “Mario Art Prints by Proton Factories”

  1. worst print ever

  2. just kidding…proton is a stand up guy…buy these..maybe he will hook you up with some free farts or something

  3. i really like them as well

  4. Proton is a good dude and a total up & comer! Support him for sure.

  5. these are cute but those super uneven margins would drive me nuts, its like when a painting goes crooked but its too high to reach easily.

  6. dumb

  7. these look great in person, have a great look framed as well…i was only being silly with the first 2 comments, i guess more of an inside joke that no one else would understand…buy one or 2..

  8. good dude or not, these prints are horrible

  9. It’s like the screen when the game freezes.

    Proton is a really nice dude and great to deal with.

  10. Brilliant.

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