“Required Reading” Fifth Reveal: Mike Mitchell’s “The Invisible Man” (Show is Tonight!)

First of all, here’s a quick reminder that our “Required Reading” show opens at Gallery 1988 tonight. Try to line up early if you can, some things will go very quickly. I will give a heads up when the leftover prints are available online tomorrow. For our fifth and final reveal, we’d like to show you Mike Mitchell’s “The Invisible Man”. It’s an 8.25″ x 19.75″ giclee. Get more info on the show at Gallery1988.com.

9 Responses to ““Required Reading” Fifth Reveal: Mike Mitchell’s “The Invisible Man” (Show is Tonight!)”

  1. Stupid articles…. for a second I read it as “Invisible Man” and thought it was the Ralph Ellison book.

    Still, I’m digging this show

  2. Another fantastic print. Wish I could go!

  3. Seeing all these prints is driving me nuts. I keep wishing I could be there for this…then I realize that if I was, I’d go completely broke.

  4. Nice work….if it’s gonna be giclee, it better be BOMB, this is.

  5. Every print looks awesome. This will be the first show I’m able to attend. For those that have gone before, define lining up early. Is getting there at 5 pm safe or do people line up much more in advance?

  6. They said they won’t start the line until five, so I don’t know what they will tell you if you show up before that.

  7. Great stuff! nice job putting the show together.

  8. Any word on the online sale?

  9. +1 on the Tong…super stoked!!!!

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