Last Night’s Mondo Mystery Movie Screening

I thought I’d post a few photos from last night’s Mondo Mystery Movie event. As you may have heard by now, the movie was Akira and the poster was by Tyler Stout. It was a great night with Stout in attendance on his birthday. No, these will not ever end up for sale online, but there will be more MMM events in the near future. Cheers.

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  1. great poster – shame I won’t get the chance to fail buying it online…

  2. They will end up on-line, but it will be on Ebay for a small fortune.

    Which is a real downer as that is such an amazing print. I would love one of them.

    Akira has always been my favourite Manga.

    Oh well…maybe I’ll be able to afford one from Ebay some day….unlikely though…

  3. Is there a possibility of a lottery for these on Stouts site?

  4. Is there a possibility of a lottery for these on Stouts site?

  5. Man, i love Stout’s work, but this is the first one I would REALLY go after…we see how that ends up. How many were printed?

  6. already on ebay for $1000 lol

  7. Wow, great poster and event. Wish I had been there!

  8. Tyler should do small, unsigned/unnumbered versions of his prints or something like the handbills he’s done for other prints. I would love to just have that on my wall but I have no luck when it comes to online buying, I don’t live in Texas to have been to the show and I don’t have the $1000 these will go for on ebay. Sad.

  9. event idea is great but it is so fucking annoying that there is NO way to participate, sepcially if you live outside states. So i see this more of an big “fuck you all” to everyone who just cannot make it than some special thing.

    Just makes me sad, furious and disappointed that Akira was first of these MMM’s.

  10. damn this is an epic poster.

  11. Fantastic. I’ll never, ever have one. Those who got to go to the MMM are truly lucky.

  12. That is really an amazing print. Stout’s work is really addicting and it fits perfectly into the specific manga style of drawing. Now if only I didn’t live in Canada and could fly down to Texas for a day…

  13. Dude on the Mic with a purple shirt looks like he has a Camel Toe!

  14. This is just mean. That poster is beautiful.

  15. I was there, the poster is beautiful.

    To those who don’t live in Texas, Mondo had some great news. They will be doing similar events in other locations in the country.

    They’re also going to be releasing movies on VHS.

  16. well this is the one poster I would have to say I would want to buy from TS and there is no way I will be getting it. this is one of his best in my view.

  17. OMG! Last picture I can see my friends at end of line!

  18. Wow there are a lot up there on ebay, for the “fans” over 15 right now. That’s a surprising chunk.

  19. Not for sale? Thats straight fucked up!

    My poster friday has been soured.

    Im out!!!

  20. Legion you’re goofy. First it’s “never Mondo, never never never” then it’s “my Friday sucks because I can’t buy a Mondo poster”. Make up your mind dude 😛

    To everyone else. There seems to be a really sad undercurrent of entitlement going on right now around here. Every time Mondo makes a poster the majority of the comments are about how you won’t be able to get one because of this or you didn’t get your poster because of that.
    Nobody wants to congratulate Mondo on what seems to have been a really fun evening? No high fives to the crew for keeping this geek thing geeky? Not even a happy birthday to one of our favorite poster artists?
    I honestly think most of you are better than that. Please try and act like it.

    Congrats on a rad event Mondo. Thanks for keeping the geek dream alive. Oh and Tyler, happy birthday dude. Great poster :)

  21. How many of these were made/ available? Only other way to score one of these is eBay, or if you were @ the theatre last night? :(

    I hope they do Brent S. Please make another run of these prints, unsigned/unumbered etc.. Would love to own one of these prints. Akira is my favorite anime/animated flick of all time.

  22. To Iron Jaiden:

    You’re right. Congratulations Mondo for an awesome evening I couldn’t attend & congratulations on a stellar print I’ll never own unless I shell out 20X on ebay. I’m all warm & fuzzy inside just thinking about it.

    I’m quite sure the majority of us who can’t pay after-market prices for Stout prints don’t much care how geeky Mondo is keeping it or want to think about how awesome it must have been last night. And Tyler doesn’t give 3 shits about who I am or whether or not I hope his birthday is happy.

    That said, I know I’m not entitled to a drop but it doesn’t mean I can’t lament the fact I didn’t score something I wanted. I’m not doing cartwheels over it sir. I’m sure last night was spectacular. And yes, congrats to Mondo for their success, but when I miss out on a print that sells out in seconds or in this case isn’t offered online my first thoughts aren’t how awesome it must be to be Mondo. I’m quite sure they are well aware of it without me telling them.

    Isn’t all this whining a testament to the success anyway? Is that not congratulations enough?

  23. HUGE image and write-up with Justin Ishamel here:

    And while it’s nice to know these Mondo Mystery Movie screenings won’t be just limited to Austin, I still don’t understand making the prints so rare as Justin points out:

    “We understand what it’s like to find a super-rare Yugoslavian ‘Deadly Friend’ poster. I know what it feels like to have something no one else has. People ask us why we don’t do unlimited runs, and it’s so they matter.”

    I think they would still matter regardless of the print run. A cool image is a cool image and the variants could satisfy the need for a “super-rare” collectible.

  24. @Ben: no dude, whining about a thingy you didn’t get is not “congratulations” to anyone.


    This used to be a whole lot different.

  25. it really wasnt.

  26. I wonder what exactly used to be a whole lot different? This site? The state of the art industry? Life before full-time flippers?

    Don’t get me wrong bro, I’m happy for Stout & Mondo too but that doesn’t mean I’m not a little sad I didn’t have a chance at this ‘thingy’. These ‘thingies’ are the very reason Stout or Mondo have this kind of success & popularity. That and the ebay donkeys. If no one gave a passionate shit about it we wouldn’t be having this discussion.

  27. If Mondo didn’t give a passionate shit about making quality, affordable, fan-centric, GORGEOUS art available for the masses, would people complain then too? And yes, I said affordable — look at what prints from MBW and Banksy cost from the artist/gallery, and then complain about the pricing structure, even the after-market pricing, of Mondo prints. People are entitled to feel bitter about missing an awesome event and an awesome print. People are NOT entitled to sympathy from those of us who do appreciate the efforts Mondo goes to in order to give its fans wonderful artwork and great local (and future not-so-local) events.

    In the end, it’s a piece of paper with ink on it, and there’s always another poster in the pipeline — and it’s possible it will be even cooler than the one that got away. :)

  28. I love this print and wish I had it, but I don’t. Congrats to Mondo for captivating so many people with their amazing products. I’m very glad the popularity is deserved, vs. say, obey who still manages to sell out.

    Truth is if you didn’t get this, there’s other artists out there with kickass prints that you just may love. Go out. Go find them and support artists.

    Rock and Rule.

  29. My name is also Ben… and I post using that name here… I am not the ben who has been posting in this thread, Tyler has been cool enough to help me out a time ago in the past and thus want to clarify… he’s a real stand up guy.

    Just sayin…

    happy bday man, keep up the great work!

  30. Great film, great poster! Gutted I wont be able to own one but you cant win em all!

    Im new to this game so I dont really understand why people so worked up about everything. Im from England and have missed a couple of really big drops and obviously have no chance to get to Texas for this print! Even so I just like that these prints are even getting made, even if I have no chance of scoring one!

    Im just happy Mondo even exists and that they keep making great posters for films I love! Keep up the good work!

  31. a special poster for a special event is a special thing, and thats what makes it special.

  32. gutted to be in scotland, great to see the pix of mondo in full effect though!!

  33. gutted to be in scotland, great to see the pix of mondo in full effect though!!

    also feelin the love isaac is spreading

  34. Great, selling for $600 on ebay. Wish these artists would just make bigger runs. People would still pay 60 or something relatively close. Oh well, just a pretty picture on a piece of paper after all. Good luck in life avid collectors!

  35. With ben on this one.

    IJ, we all know how much you love Mondo, I love Mondo (not half as much though :) ) for the artistic output, truly inspirational, but I don’t really agree on their business model. It’s all getting a bit too elitist.

    Keeping this thing ‘geeky’? What does that mean? Please clarify your point.

  36. PS. This is possibly Stout’s best work to date, absolutely LOVE it.

  37. Bla bla bla, I’m always right you’re always wrong. Let me get on my high horse and tell you how it is.

  38. ^^^

    That’s really mature (obviously not me).

    All I was saying is take a step back and try and be cool. Mondo does neat stuff and it’s fun to sometimes be a part of it. I didn’t get an Akira poster either. Just thought some of you guys might be losing perspective on some of this stuff.

    There’s a reason I don’t post much around here anymore. Thanks for confirming that for me.

  39. Jaden, don’t let the trolls get you down, I love you being around here. Sorry, I missed that fake comment, been traveling. If something is driving you away, let me know as I value your input.

  40. Right on Mitch I appreciate that.
    It’s no big deal it just sucks to see such venom from folks these days. Everyone seems to think they’re owed something. I dig passion but that shit seems to turn into bitterness a little too quickly around these parts. Just not how I like to play the game is all.

    Mondo drops are just as hard for us veterans as they are for you noobs. Back a few years ago you could stroll over to Mondo’s site and snag any Tyler Stout without effort. I bought my Thing poster that way. Now his posters sell out in a blink. A lot of us are having just as much fun now (+0s and all) as we did back when we could score at will.
    I have no “high horse”. I’m not “right” about much of anything usually. It just sucks to see you guys so angry over something that can really be a lot of fun.


    Here’s hoping you bitter dudes get sweeter as the years go on :)

  41. Rad poster!!!
    Cut I can’t get one but rad it happened

  42. Mr. IJ,

    Just so you know, I don’t support that troll comment above & didn’t intend for you to feel alienated by ‘angry’ poster consumers. No disrespect meant – only discussion.

    I’ve been discovering, purchasing & supporting art for 15 years now and it still stings a little when something breathtaking slips by, but never angry. It’s still just as much fun as it ever was. With the exception of those who specifically horde to flip, I’m thinking most of us are having fun regardless of whether we score or not. I know I wouldn’t spend my hard-earned cash if it wasn’t.

    And while you can’t blame someone for their disappointment, I guess it really depends on how that person voices that disappointment. There is a big difference between; ‘Great print, Wish I could have one’ and ‘Fuck Mondo, I never get to do anything’. You’ll find no disagreement between us there sir.

    Peace to you brother mang.

  43. eMac wrote :”In the end, it’s a piece of paper with ink on it, and there’s always another poster in the pipeline — and it’s possible it will be even cooler than the one that got away.”

    Yup, well said. But I still think this whole street art/print world explosion/exposure has brought out the wolves on BOTH sides of the coin…it’s too easy to drive up demand of your prints or gallery…like the manipulation of the gold market, all it takes is money. But I have a solution…just you wait and see!

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