Last Night’s Mondo Mystery Movie Screening

I thought I’d post a few photos from last night’s Mondo Mystery Movie event. As you may have heard by now, the movie was Akira and the poster was by Tyler Stout. It was a great night with Stout in attendance on his birthday. No, these will not ever end up for sale online, but there will be more MMM events in the near future. Cheers.

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  1. Rad poster!!!
    Cut I can’t get one but rad it happened

  2. Mr. IJ,

    Just so you know, I don’t support that troll comment above & didn’t intend for you to feel alienated by ‘angry’ poster consumers. No disrespect meant – only discussion.

    I’ve been discovering, purchasing & supporting art for 15 years now and it still stings a little when something breathtaking slips by, but never angry. It’s still just as much fun as it ever was. With the exception of those who specifically horde to flip, I’m thinking most of us are having fun regardless of whether we score or not. I know I wouldn’t spend my hard-earned cash if it wasn’t.

    And while you can’t blame someone for their disappointment, I guess it really depends on how that person voices that disappointment. There is a big difference between; ‘Great print, Wish I could have one’ and ‘Fuck Mondo, I never get to do anything’. You’ll find no disagreement between us there sir.

    Peace to you brother mang.

  3. eMac wrote :”In the end, it’s a piece of paper with ink on it, and there’s always another poster in the pipeline — and it’s possible it will be even cooler than the one that got away.”

    Yup, well said. But I still think this whole street art/print world explosion/exposure has brought out the wolves on BOTH sides of the coin…it’s too easy to drive up demand of your prints or gallery…like the manipulation of the gold market, all it takes is money. But I have a solution…just you wait and see!

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