“Required Reading” First Reveal: Delicious Design League Takes on Darwin

We’re all very excited to reveal the first print from our upcoming Gallery 1988 “Required Reading” show. Delicious Design League just made the perfect Darwin poster, I love it. More to come this week, enjoy!

14 Responses to ““Required Reading” First Reveal: Delicious Design League Takes on Darwin”

  1. If I had a kid I’d want that in their room. beautiful poster.

  2. I don’t have a kid, but am a Biology professor…I want this for my office! Very cool print.

  3. this is incredible

  4. Love, love, love, love, love this (I’m a Science teacher as well) – want to put up in my lab.

    Shame G1988 and UK postage don’t get on. Will DDL have artist copies to sell?

  5. Yes, DDL will have artist copies to sell at some later date.

  6. I must have this for my little girl’s room. she will love it!

  7. Oh now that just rules. Wonderful execution. I need to stop looking at the blogs if I wanna save any money this season.

  8. Damn, this is awesome — great work guys!

  9. must…have…for…son’s…room…

  10. this is so great – i am definately gonna buy one

  11. That’s fantastic!

  12. any ideas when any of these bad boys are dropping?

  13. You can get these on our site now: http://deliciousdesignleague.com/store/artprints/

  14. I love it! It’s cute, funny and innovative

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