Tom Whalen’s Who Framed Roger Rabbit Poster (Onsale Info)

I have more posts coming later today, but this one is timely, so it’s up first. The Alamo Drafthouse will release this awesome poster by Tom Whalen for Who Framed Roger Rabbit today. It’s an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, has an edition of 210, and will cost $40. It goes up today (Friday, April 8th) at a random time. Visit

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  1. how unimpressive

  2. Like the design but hate mondo…..


  3. *ditto* what legion said

  4. Awesome!!

  5. How can I lose it once I’m Paypal. Eat it Mondo…I’m done. Get over yourself an update you POS website.

  6. It’s just live inventory, like every other website save one or two. Not sure how people aren’t accustomed to that yet. Things get pulled out of my cart at Amazon all the time. The other alternative is 9/10 of people never even seeing the “buy” button.

  7. the jessica’s WAY too small for me…

  8. We need to figure out a way to get these flippers out of the process. This print sold out in less than 2 minutes and I’m seeing it imediately on ebay for 4x it’s origianl cost. These gusy rae cerating a false market for these prints. I didn’t even want this one, but I did want the Kill Bill poster. There are people selling it for $1000 on ebay…it’s getting insane.

  9. Mondo cleared this “issue” up last year.
    I highly recommend going back and reading those posts.

  10. Eh, not too sad about missing this one. Don’t get me wrong… I love the movie WFRR, but this print (while kind of cool) just doesn’t do it justice. Congrats to all that scored one!

  11. As long as a product is released with more demand than supply (which often isn’t even up to Mondo, as they work with the studios, artists, directors, etc to help determine editions), there will be flippers. You can try to combat it, but as long as people are greedy and take advantage of reasonable prices, they’ll flip, no matter what. It’s a bummer.

  12. Honestly, I don’t see what the problem is with Mondo. The dude who runs the site seems to try to address the problems people have and explains the same thing the admin did at least twice a year on his blog. Every drop happens between 11:30 and 12:30 EST. My recommendation is don’t wait for his tweet, cause the tweet is 15 seconds behind it coming on the website. But even with the knowledge of how to get in early on the drop, its just tough, especially with a drop like Kill Bill when 10 times the amount of traffic is on the site than even a normal drop like this one. I’m just saying if they weren’t hard to get, they wouldn’t be collector’s items.

    I love Whalen though (yes, even more than KT or Stout). He is easily my favorite artist working today.

  13. And there is one point I would like to make about flippers, not every person on eBay is a flipper. I love to collect posters for the art. There are some movie posters that come out that I love the movie but hate the poster and others where I love the art but not the movie so much. But I try to get in on all the drops where I like the art. However, sometimes when the print comes in, I feel differently about it. For instance, I ordered Dan McCarthy’s Star Trek print cause I liked the design and everyone says McCarthy’s stuff looks even bette in hand but when I got it I was not impressed. And since I frame every print I buy (which adds at least $60), I sold it on eBay. But I understand the outrage when 30 seconds later it is on eBay for an outrageously marked up price. My point is not to demonize every single person on eBay.

  14. Bummed, I’m such a huge disney fan too, I’ll just accept that I can’t guess random times.

  15. Robert makes some good points. I would expand that time frame for Mondo drops though. The Kill Bill posters definitely went on sale before 11:30 AM.

  16. As usual, the flippers are being blamed for all that is wrong in the world. What you have to realize is that Mondo posters are becoming more and more popular, and in-demand, with every release. I can remember a time when a poster would drop early in the morning and not sell out for a couple of hours. I can also remember the days when Stout posters would be up for days on his site before selling out. As of now, there are nineteen Roger Rabbits on ebay; that’s nineteen out of 210. That’s really not that many. It seems that the large majority of people who purchased the poster are probably going to keep it. People are always quick to blame the flippers, but nobody is saying, “Hey, I’m the biggest Roger Rabbit fan! I’m more deserving of this poster than the 191 other non-flippers that managed to get one!”. This message board should be about the art, but every Mondo drop discussion seems to devolve into a bitchfest. Hey, I got totally shut out of the Kill Bill release, and I came so close on this one, but missed out at the end. Life goes on. There will be other releases in the future which I may, or may not score. As far as flippers go, they’re going to keep on doing what they’re doing because there is a market for it. The posters ultimately go to people who really want them (if they’re paying those crazy prices). As long as people are willing to pay top dollar flippers will be out there. In closing, think about this; what if somebody bought the poster you feel should be yours, at regular price, and ripped it up to use as toilet paper. Would you be upset? Probably not, because you wouldn’t know about it.

  17. I would gladly pay double or more for a print from Mondo. It would ensure a slightly more reasonable chance to score one and force some opportunistic people, salivating over such a low risk quick/high return investment, to pound sound.

    This would also put more money in the pockets of the people involved in producing and selling the print.

    Something to think about.

  18. Good point, Cragars.

  19. In all honestly all that will do is make the cost for the flipped print even more. I am by no means a MBW fan but look at his prints as an example. Cover Girl originally cost 350. The average sale price on it is about 1,000. And the most recent sales for it put it more around 1300.

    What I am getting at is making the prints cost more wont solve it, as then all flippers will just put a bigger number on the flip.

    Just my .02

  20. stop blaming Mondo….
    get over your sense of entitlement.
    as long as popular prints fetch high prices there’s gonna be flippers and there is nothing you can do about it.

  21. Also I should probably add, Ive never really had much of a problem with Mondo at all. Only times I miss something that I REALLY wanted were when I was going after a small edition variant.

    What they are doing works fine. People just need to realize there are A LOT of people going after a very SMALL amount of prints.

    Ok, now im done. Off work early on a friday, I hear the beer calling my name in the fridge!


  22. @Dolemite75

    Nicely put man. I feel the same way, it really sucks missing a poster drop but theres always another print. And if you really think about it flippers certainly don’t make up the majority of the people buying them.

    What I don’t understand is how I get kicked out at the checkout screen of every single Mondo drop. I can’t figure out what everyone else is doing right.

  23. I will wait for the Jessica Rabbit variant where she is huge and that creepy dude is 2 inches big. There’s really no other reason for me to get a poster of this goofy, very dated movie.

  24. I’ve had problems with Mondo buying multiple posters – hit the Confirm button and waiting…. oops sold out! Mondo definitely needs to fix this, they should look to the MLB ticket sales online method for the solution.

  25. I love thus company and what Justin does. I have had the Star Wars Olly Moss set refunded to me because it was oversold. What he is doing for a company is amazing and with more and more collectors/flippers joining the race it will get worse. I am all for increasing the prices to combat people trying to make a quick buck but you still can’t fault Justin. He had made something amazing here and if you stay long enough you will get burned on an insane release. It is part of the process and shows they ate doing this right. You can’t win ALL the time.

  26. Ever think that it may be the Artists and Mondo themselves who plant ringers to drive up demand? (not only on Mondo, which I bet is how they became so popular, but also the secondary market)

    Genius, really. Which is why I don’t buy Mondo prints…1/2 of their releases are plain ugly…but…birds of a feather flock together. Have fun F’5ing your life away.

  27. P.s. I bet the “ringers” are right here in this discussion prepping you for print price inflation…kudos

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