“S.O.S.” Thirteen Color Art Print by Victor Reyes

Wow, you’ve gotta give it to Moon Editions, they really made this print look like a painting. Victor Reyes’ “S.O.S.” is a 22.5″ x 28″ thirteen color screenprint with hand embellishments, has an edition of 40, and costs $140. Visit Reyes78.

8 Responses to ““S.O.S.” Thirteen Color Art Print by Victor Reyes”

  1. Very nicely done. Great image also.

  2. The screen printing technique on this is fanatic.

  3. Yeah, that really is impressive!

  4. Loving the process and execution, but unsure of the piece itself. Just not my style, I guess.

  5. Rise, Reyes!

    Great work!

  6. Does anyone know how they separated this into 13 colors? Do you just select similar color and make it into a channel?

  7. Further looking at it, it really seems that a lot of the detail comes from the hand embellishments. I initially thought they were somehow able to simulate the look of the brush strokes with a method of screen printing. Now I think its just actual brush strokes.

    While the art style itself is not something I personal would hang, I think the technical work on this print is still amazing. Big high five to Moon Editions.

  8. That’s pretty stunning! Hard to believe it’s a screenprint when you first look at it.

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