“The Scream” Art Print by Dave Kinsey (Onsale Info)

Dave Kinsey will release his newest art print tomorrow. “The Scream” is an 18″ x 24″ screenprint with an edition of 100. It goes up tomorrow (Thursday, April 7th) at a random time. Visit BlkMrktGallery.com.

9 Responses to ““The Scream” Art Print by Dave Kinsey (Onsale Info)”

  1. An appropriate sized seeing the state of the world.

  2. *sized scream, seeing…

  3. Great looking print. Nice style also.
    It’s been a while sine I picked up a Kinsey. This is a must have.

  4. Too much F. Bacon not enough original D. Kinsey.

  5. Like Taso, I haven’t seen a Kinsey I absolutely had to have in a long time, but this is brilliant

  6. This is getting framed and hung on my office wall 🙂

  7. That would be perfect if you were a dentist.

    I’ve been wanting to pick up a Kinsey print for a while now, but this one isn’t it.

  8. Average price to frame a 24 x 18 print, simple wood frame, one matte?

  9. E.S.: My thoughts exactly . . . could’ve at least given us some hanging meat in the background.

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