New Prints at Nakatomi

Nakatomi just released a couple of brand new art prints. Anville’s “Canyons of San Angeles” is an 18″ x 24″ screenprint for $35. There is also a blue variant for $75 and a metal edition for $175. All of these are being sold as presales. Kristian Donaldson’s “Racer 9″ is a 10″ x 24” screenprint, has an edition of 120, and costs $20. Visit

EDIT: You can now get Anville’s print directly from his shop.

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  1. I like ’em both, but Nakatomi has the flimsiest packaging I’ve ever seen.

  2. Hello! We ship with double walled Uline tubes, and almost never get damages. And even on the rare occasion when we do, we replace immediately. I definitely wouldn’t say we ship flimsy!

  3. Yep…Bought over 30 prints from Nakatomi and yet to get a damaged print….

  4. The blue Anville is intense!

    Rubberneck, same here. Tim’s tubes always get to me pristine and I have probably had 15+ tubes from them.

    And Tim, and if no ones said it recently, thanks for the bonus prints and test prints! (and the rare duplicate bonus I do share with my friends)

  5. Last prints I bought were Paul Pope. Both arrived crushed in a very thin tube. Good to hear that the packaging has improved since then.

  6. Awesome stuff!
    Add me to the list of folks who’ve always been happy with Nakatomi purchases.
    Besides, Tim’s good people. If anything were to go wrong you know you’ll get sorted out.

  7. i have never received a flimsy package from Tim. and the one time i received a damaged print (through a gallery) he was involved in making sure i received a replacement. Also Racer 9 is pretty smoking.

  8. Most of my prints are from Nakatomi, just seems to get me.

    Never been damaged.

  9. +1 on Nakatomi’s safe shipping practices. never had a bad tube show up once.

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