The Megabolt Sketchbook Project

I am super honored to be involved with Megabolt’s new sketchbook project. When you buy one of the books, you’ll also be buying a copy for a child in the hospital. Each book will be individually numbered, and you’ll be told exactly who your book is going to, plus their artwork will be uploaded when it’s completed for you to see. This is a really cool, inventive project, totally different from the standard charity drive. The books are $7 each, or $17 for three. More artist editions will follow in the future. Visit

Back in January of 2010 I launched a shirt that some of you may remember. A good friend’s father had brain cancer and they were racking up medical bills like no one’s business, so we sold a shirt to raise money. OMGPosters was the first site to ever give us the time of day. Today we launch a completely new project for Megabolt (again with the help from OMGPosters).The Megabolt sketchbook is a brand new product/project that is the backbone of our children’s hospital art workshops. With the purchase of a sketchbook you are also giving one to a child in a hospital. We want to give kids the chance to escape their crummy situations and just have fun. One book at a time we hope to be able to reach out to children’s hospitals in every state in the U.S.A. For more information go to If you have any questions about Megabolt or the new project please email us.

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  1. First megabolt link doesn’t work

  2. This is a great idea, I’m totally definitely picking one up.

  3. cool idea- grabbed a 3 pack. you can’t have enough notebooks

  4. Really cool… bought a 3 pack and I’m reblogging it.

  5. This is such a cool project! I hope it does very well. I’m picking up some for my daughter.

  6. Unfortunately never received my Megabolt T Shirt from them even though I emailed a couple times. Will try again and give them the benefit of the doubt it was a simple mistake.

  7. very nice.

  8. We’re right behind YG and Mega Bolt and YOU for sharing this! Thanks.

  9. Brillaint idea, I can imagine this being too succesful 🙂

  10. Megabolt rules and sketchbooks rule.
    +3 easy

  11. Grabbin one as well, this is a great idea, keep it up! Cmon people, just grab one, see what it does!

  12. Wow… looks great!

  13. Thanks for all the love Mitch (and everyone else!)
    Joe- thanks for getting in touch with me. You have a package in the mail

  14. this is a great idea but I’m a little confused. Does any of this money fund the children’s hospital? and in what way? or are the kids just receiving a sketchbook.

  15. Justin- The books mostly fund this specific project (paying for your book as well as a childs and the cost to bring all of this online – staff etc) however the little profit left over is used to fund art workshops Megabolt will be starting in about 1-2 months. If you’re interested in volunteering a a workshop more info will
    Be available soon. If you have any other questions always feel free to ask!

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