“1986” and “1987” Art Prints by Todd Slater

Todd Slater just put up two new amazing video-game inspired art prints. “1986” and “1987” are 18″ x 24″ screenprints on foil paper, have editions of 100, and cost $40 each. Visit ToddSlater.net.

15 Responses to ““1986” and “1987” Art Prints by Todd Slater”

  1. Bad. Ass.

    Guess Metroid really was in your thoughts during the Multiplayer show. Count me in, thanks Todd!

  2. Love the blue on the foil paper, amazing work.

  3. Slater gonna Slater.

  4. around 7pm eastern when he put these up there were several variants. i got a red metroid, 1 of 25 i think!

  5. red metroid:

    gold metroid:

    thanks to jaline for saving these!

  6. Mega Man and Metroid!?!? Todd, you’re too good to us.

  7. a castlevania one would be amazing… just saying…

  8. Damn. I seriously put a cap on my print-buying last week, but there was just no way I could pass up that Metroid print. Too good!

    And yeah, Castlevania would definitely be the shit. Especially if it was based around Simon’s Quest.

  9. Hey, j^, thanks. I saved the blue ones, but I believe you meant DylansDad saved the red and gold images. Kudos to him!

    Amazing work by Todd again.

  10. Picked up the pair. Were there MegaMan variants as well?

  11. There were red variants of each out of 25, and an incredible gold set with a run of 10 each.

  12. i think the metroid only works in red. not sure why people would rather have the blue, odd.

    thanks for the heads up 13!

  13. Samus is a girl?!?! Spoiler alert man I ain’t finished the game yet!

    Hot damn Todd these look superb. Killer stuff so far this year!

  14. I actually prefer the blue Metroid out of the three. Sure, it’s not the classic colors of Metroid, but I think it works especially well with the holofoil paper, and makes the print more interesting overall.

    I guess it also helps for me that it’s going up in my TV/game room, which is blue ;).

  15. Those are amazing, especially the Metroid one. Like the whole universe revolves around the Mother Brain.

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