“F5” Shirt by Aye Jay from Nakatomi Inc.

Poster nerd alert, Aye Jay worked up a new “F5” shirt for Nakatomi. If you get the joke, you probably want the shirt. If you don’t, it’s really too nerdy to warrant an explanation. Visit NakatomiInc.com.

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  2. If you visit this website, I am sure you are more than familiar with the F5 key.

  3. Nerd out!

  4. NICE!

  5. Some of use use command-R 😉

  6. “Tired of getting shut out on poster drop days!?! Aye Jay has got you covered! He utilized the services of a voodoo priest, making a sacred mash of the following: Shepard’s wheatpaste, a feather from Horkey’s helmeted bird, a hair from Emek’s soul patch, a Princess Di tenner from Banksy, and a bit of Tyler Stout’s incredible mojo… then blessed these sacred f5 shirts. Refresh early, refresh often! Use the voodoo spirit of the sacred f5 shirt and never miss out on a poster drop again!”

  7. lol @ f5 shirt. i’ll buy a check4change shirt

  8. Sheesh.

  9. Sheesh indeed!

  10. After Aye Jay’s comment explaining what went into making these, I think it’d be a disservice NOT to buy one.


  11. I keep refreshing the page, is it sold out?

  12. I keep refreshing the page, is it sold out?

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