“Dark Wave / Rising Sun” Chairty Art Print by Shepard Fairey (Onsale Info)

Shepard Fairey will release this new variation of his Dark Wave print later this week. “Dark Wave / Rising Sun” is an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, has an edition of 700, and will cost $60. The profits will benefit relief efforts in Japan. It goes up Thursday, March 24th at a random time. Visit ObeyGiant.com.

40 Responses to ““Dark Wave / Rising Sun” Chairty Art Print by Shepard Fairey (Onsale Info)”

  1. Choosing that image to print as relevant as it may be seems in poor taste to me. I’m no Fairey hater but I think this is badly misjudged albeit a very worthy sentiment.

  2. adding a japanese sun is hardly variation…..

  3. I can totally see what he is going for here and I for one like it.

    as for a variation, yes it is, as it means change something or alter slightlybut noticeably from the original

  4. I agree with Mat…I love what hes doing in a sense of the cause but come on…do you really think Japan wants to be associated with a tsunami. When I see this, I think…not again

  5. I agree with Mat Pringle on this one. Through a “variation” on past work, it seems a better image could have been used. Certainly does give the print a strong feeling of aniticipation though.

  6. The image may be in questionable taste, but I think the money raised by its sale should help enough people to offset any offense.

  7. There’s Rob Zombie again.

  8. Ironic that Fairey’s best image of 2011 is a rehash

  9. +1 for poor taste. Why would you want to commemorate the tsunami that killed so many people?

  10. There is also a wave on Adam Chang Japan Earthquake Relief Print. I don’t think there is anything wrong with these prints. Beautiful in fact.

  11. Isnt the dark wave supposed to be oil? Did I miss when the tragedy in Japan involved oil?

  12. Shepard: I loved her. Ya blew it.

  13. Its a bummer that the Gulf Oil Spill charity print is being rehashed.

  14. Elmo the “dark wave” is now the tsunami instead of oil. I think this an awesome upgrade from the dark wave. The rising sun and reds and orange just give it more life.

  15. “Walter, face it, there isn’t any connection.”

  16. I rather buy 3 Emek/Prodigy raffel tickets and risk getting nothing :)

  17. WTF with this image? Why not just put that little house floating out there, too?

  18. Dig up an old oil print and slap a sun on it…

  19. It’s like when elton john recycled “candle in the wind” for Princess Di except instead of that song it was something by the crash test dummies. He might as well have done a Godzilla portrait.

  20. piece of thoughtless / effortless shit.

  21. +1 on inappropriate. I wonder if 100% goes to charity??

    The surface of the water made sense when it was oil, but simply as water, the print does not work. Truly a hack variation.

  22. I guess this would be like depicting a B-29 delivering Fat Boy in a print to raise funds for Nagasaki victims. Actually, that’d be a heck of a lot cooler than regurgitating a crappy oil spill print.

  23. this is fucking offensive.

  24. Oil on print! Even better!Can’t live with it. Can’t live without it.

  25. Obviously he’s a complete asshole for trying to help people. I commend the internet for tearing down someone’s act of charity.

  26. This is super fucked up.

  27. @Tim: Obviously folks don’t have a problem with charity dude. The beef is pretty clearly with the imagery used.
    I don’t care what ol Shep does with his time but if I’m gonna make a benefit poster for Japan it probably wouldn’t be a gigantic goddamn tidal wave. No sooner than my poster to benefit the families of Columbine wouldn’t be a clip full of bullets or a 9/11 benefit print wouldn’t be a couple of 747s flying through the sky.
    Just tastes funny is all.

    Shep has an entire library of imagery he could re-purpose for a Japan poster. I’m quite sure the offensive nature of a gigantic wave didn’t occur to him when he put this together (we all have brain farts) and he’s obviously coming from a good place. It’s just an unfortunate gaffe image wise.

    Luckily there’s no shortage of Japanese relief effort prints available right now so anybody who wants to donate a few bucks and get some pretty paper in return has no excuse not to :)

  28. Fat Man. Fat Man (Nagasaki) and Little Boy (Hiroshima).

    As for this print: good hearted, bad brained.

  29. great sum up iron

  30. The sun (Japan) will rise again over the dark wave (tsunami). Lets face it Japan is an island and waves will forever be linked to it. but the sun rising over the waves to me is a sign of hope.

  31. @simpledave

    I’m glad that you expressed this opinion…I interpreted the image in the same way. I don’t think it should be taken as offensive but of course everyone is entitled to feel how they want about the image.

    Still a great move by Fairey.

  32. @simpledave

    I’m glad that you expressed this opinion…I interpreted the image in the same way. I don’t think it should be taken as offensive but of course everyone is entitled to feel how they want about the image.

    Still a great move by Fairey.

  33. lol

  34. Amidst all this debate regarding the merit of the image, let’s not lose sight of the fact that at the end of the day, he’s just a soul with very good intentions.

  35. Shepard Fairey is obviously trying to help the cause with no ill-will. Art is meant to invoke a reaction in general, that’s why it’s created. Disaster Relief is a time sensitive matter that must capitalize immediately to acquire the most donations while the publics consciousness is highly empathetic. I see it as a healthy respect for Nature in all its faults, (no pun) and glory. So to use the anology of it being like putting Man-made terroristic acts on a print for victims isn’t fair. Two completely different tragedies. It’s non premeditated and eerily poignant actually. Pray for Japan.

  36. P.s. It’s just a regurgitation of The Great Wave of Kanagawa, which is one of the most recognizable Japanese Prints of all time. Ukiyo type traditional woodblock printing is a nod to the working-class Japanese as well. Again, eerily relevant.

  37. 1. Man do some people have raging hate wood for Shep
    2. I agree with simpledave on the assessment of the imagery and I think another 700 other people did since Shep’s site crashed insanely during the sale before the print was gone
    3. Do people really flip prints done for charity? That has to be a free ticket to hell right?

  38. The “Japanese sun” he added to the print is def reminiscent of the Rising Sun flag. The Rising Sun flag is offensive to a number of East Asian countries as it symbolizes Japanese Imperialism — kind of like the Hackenkreuz. It’s a pet peeve of many Asians including myself when Western designers use this symbol as an Asian motif without knowing its context.


    Not that he’s raising money for other random Asian countries, but still, too many mixed messages in just one print. Gives me a bad aftertaste.

  39. http://disobeyfairey.tumblr.com/

  40. What’s to gain in a match between Phantom and Giant? Collaborate sounds good; not fighting. Too much bark, no bite.

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