SXSW = Slow Week

During SXSW, a good amount of the major poster artists descend on Austin, so the post count will be dramatically decreased this week. Full force again next week, as per usual. Cheers!

13 Responses to “SXSW = Slow Week”

  1. Between the Almo Drafthouse and SXSW I almost want to move to Austin.


  2. Ugh, wish I was there.

  3. Austin gets all the good poster stuff.

  4. Ugh. Somewhere around 30 I lost my desire to be surrounded by a giant roving mob of hipsters.

    These days, I prefer smaller, stationary hipster groupings.

  5. I really wish I were there. Austin is such a cool city and SXSW rules
    Maybe next year

  6. I am so jealous of those who can go to SXSW!!!

  7. Wish I could be in Austin right now.

  8. Who is this Austin guy? and why does everyone want to be in him? am i missing out?

  9. Moving there this summer. Yay!

  10. See you next year Jay! 🙂

  11. Sucks that somebody had to go and put Austin in the middle of Texas.

  12. I made the drive for SXSW… LOTS of hipsters, even WORKING at the Mondo store… but they were all nice hipsters… most of them flippsters, actually… HAHAHAHA!
    Austin is a badass place, if you ever go to Mondo, walk a few doors down and talk to Henry Gonzalez, dude has done a lot for Austin, and the Rock Art movement!

  13. anyone go to the convention hall and buy the new 8bit prints from todd slater?

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