Exclusive: Aaron Horkey’s Dawnbringer Poster

This might actually be unprecedented, two new Aaron Horkey concert posters in the same month. The new one for Dawnbringer is a 16″ x 24″ screenprint with metallic inks. It will be available first at the show, then later online. Killer stuff, enjoy!

Also, in a second bit of news, Aaron decided to keep the red leaves for the Agalloch variant afterall. This version looks much more dynamic, glad he made the change!

19 Responses to “Exclusive: Aaron Horkey’s Dawnbringer Poster”

  1. And my red leaf variant dream comes true! Love it.

  2. YES! and YES! Best in the business. No doubt.

  3. OK, I like the red leaves.

  4. wow- that really is a beauty- will i be able to snag my 2nd ever horkey?

    doubt it

  5. Love the Dawnbringer – we have any idea on run sizes?

  6. Damn you Horkey! Beautiful work

  7. Good stuff all around. Always a crap shoot trying to get it online though, should be fun.

  8. If I could make the sound of Homer drooling, that’s what you would hear.

  9. so who’s going to SXSW and wants to get paid to snag me each?

  10. The lettering on that Dawnbringer poster is completely awesome!

  11. I’ll be spending the day eating all my pencils and pens.

  12. In for both for sure. Thanks for posting Mitch!

  13. Dawnbringer rocks the spot.

  14. this makes me happy

  15. they are a bit scary! very depressive mood in them! makes me sad!

  16. DAMN. Completely DOMINATES. Have to own.

  17. Going to see Agalloch next Saturday hope there are still posters left. Want the Dawnbringer too, Where will they be sold online?

  18. Ed of Dawnbringer is 50… WOHOO!!!!

  19. think it was 50 at the show….

    AE run will probably to larger….any word on when they will drop online?

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