Giveaway: Win Methane’s New Poster for the Insound SXSW Party!!!

Insound has decided to hook a random OMG reader up with a copy of Methane’s brand new poster for the SXSW party. To enter, just leave something in the comments for this post. If your comment doesn’t show up right away, be patient, it is likely awaiting moderation. Only enter once, I’ll be checking, plus it’ll make you feel honest. The contest will be open for approximately 24 hours, I”ll announce a winner Friday morning. Good luck!

EDIT: Using the Random Number Generator at, 223 came up lucky. Congratulations Greg, you’ve been contacted. Thanks so much to everyone for entering! Hit up Insound at SXSW!

233 Responses to “Giveaway: Win Methane’s New Poster for the Insound SXSW Party!!!”

  1. hallo! 😉

  2. First to post never wins :(

  3. Looks good. Count me in

  4. Memememememe!

  5. Yeah !!!

  6. cool!

  7. Hope I win, fingers crossed

  8. Subtle, jazzy, devil, he’s a cool kat.

  9. Oooooooooo!

  10. great poster, great site, first comment on OMG, loving your work keep it up

  11. Yes please! :)

  12. Great print – the colours are splendid!

  13. Very cool giveaway! Love Methane’s work!….

  14. Yeaaayyyy!

  15. Insound ftw!

  16. YEAH!

  17. BOOYAHS!!!

  18. its my luck day!

  19. Do it to it, Lars!!!!

  20. Lovely poster. SXSW is on my bucket list, hopefully I can win the poster and pretend like I was there.

  21. Oooooo …. that (Methane) smell!! Enjoy SxSX!!

  22. Awesome art dude! Hope I win!

  23. Giveame?

  24. sweet poster methane does it right!

  25. awesome.

  26. After the show, it’s the after party. And after the party, it’s the hotel lobby…

  27. Nice,nice,nice!!

  28. Nice…thanks!

  29. Cheers!

  30. Thank you for the chance.

  31. Love giveaways. thanks mitch!

  32. i like this print

  33. Owen Pallett – sweet!

  34. Took a train down a river called “Freedom”

  35. interesting?

  36. Count Me In! …..Fingers crossed….

  37. why not

  38. This would be a incredible poster to win, I am a huge Methane fan, havn’t been able to afford anything in a long while. Would be honored to win this one!! Great job!!! Thank you for this chance.

  39. Very nice. Thanks for the giveaway!

  40. Better the devil you own

  41. I’m feeling lucky!

  42. Count me in wish i could make it down to SXSW…one of these years

  43. This would be great to have

  44. Love it!!!

  45. This would look killer in our loft!

  46. I wanna go to SXSW!

  47. Greetings from Portugal!

  48. Love it!

  49. Count me in.. Wish I could be at SXSW

  50. O boy I hope I win!

  51. in it to win it!

  52. I’m in!!

  53. In’d

  54. love me some methane. thanks!

  55. Anything with a mustache is good!

  56. I like the pretty lights!

  57. Super cool. I want one.

  58. I’m in…..

  59. A Brazilian in the race

  60. Nice!

  61. free

  62. Oh yeah! Gimme gimme gimme!

  63. yes, I want it

  64. Nice, thanks.

  65. thanks for the contest!

  66. Niiiiiiiice!

  67. So i can write here everything to win poster ?

  68. nice poster, Methane is one of my favourite studio, still after all these years they are always on the top!

  69. Thanks for the opportunity! That poster is sooo killer it’s sinful!

  70. Hope I win – hooks crossed!

  71. Groooooovy

  72. That is one dapper devil.

  73. I thought Owen Pallett would be at Arcade Fire’s pre-Grammy/anti-Grammy show last month.


  74. SPAGHETTI-O’s!

  75. Looks awesome!

  76. yes, yes I would like one.

  77. i’ll be checking this from PAX EAST friday to see who’s the winnar!

  78. In it to win it!

  79. Sign a brother up!

  80. The devil is not asleep. He’s merely resting his eyes.

  81. It’ll go well next to my jesus poster…

  82. I feel so guilty that I come here at least once a day but ~never~ comment and now I’m commenting to win something. I feel slightly dirty. From now on, more comments!

  83. Always the bridesmaid, never the bride.

  84. So you’re saying there’s a chance!!??!!

  85. Insound. Great Vinyl. Nice Poster.

  86. YES.

  87. IN IN IN

  88. Nice poster.

  89. Simple, perfect, AWESOME!

  90. sweet

  91. I’d frame and hang with poster indeed.

  92. Woo!

  93. love it. please pick me.

  94. cool! thank you!

  95. Very cool! I love this blog, btw.

  96. Love your site, I check it everyday. Thanks for the contest.

  97. I could use a pink poster.

  98. OMG, it looks good to me.


  100. Where the music things are

  101. In

  102. Woo-hoo!

  103. cool devil

  104. hello

  105. Post to win!

  106. may your first child be a masculine child

  107. love it.

    That vintage style is a dying art :(

  108. Do Butterflies remember life as a caterpillar?

  109. SXSW rules!

  110. It’s a nice poster. I want to win.

  111. Tucking in!!!

  112. POSTER, PLS.

  113. Awesome!

  114. Cool poster

  115. Wish I was going to SXSW this year, but I’ll definitely settle for this print!

  116. Cool art!
    Hope i get it…

  117. Love the blog, woo!

  118. winning

  119. Woot.

  120. I feel honest and like a winner!

  121. Winner winner.. Chicken dinner…

  122. PooP

  123. I’d like to thank all the little people who made it possible for me to win this poster. I can’t remember all your names but you know who you are. I’d also like to thank my parents. Without their love and support this never would have happened. And above all, I’d like to thank God, who in his (or her) miraculous wisdom saw it fit that I should have this poster.

  124. It’s like a party in my eyes and everyone is invited!

  125. I like free stuff!

  126. I hate snakes.

  127. #winning

  128. Yes please.

  129. Yes

  130. Hell yes! Hope I win!

  131. Bring it

  132. D-D-D-D-DEVIL!

  133. charlie sheening

  134. ME!

  135. Get it kitty kitty.

  136. Love it!

  137. right on, right on

  138. I would like to win.

  139. yay me!

  140. Looks awesome

  141. Flippin’ Sweet!
    See you at Flatstock

  142. I’d love to enter this contest. Thanks for hosting it!

  143. In it to win it

  144. Waaaant!

  145. Whoomp.

  146. i like it

  147. Loverly!

  148. Yes Please…

  149. OMG i want this poster soooo much! 😀

  150. Wowie zowie!

  151. something

  152. nice

  153. killer poster, would look good on my wall.

  154. i’ll take it.

  155. Anamanaguchi and Owen Pallett? They’re both great and very diverse – wish I could be there!

  156. The pains of being pure at art.

  157. Party time

  158. Me likey free stuff

  159. I love your breasts.

  160. Gloriously peaceful looking devil ya got there!

  161. Get some!

  162. Very Cool Poster

  163. ADEVIL

  164. Methane don’t stink!
    I love these guys!

  165. legend… wait for it darrryy

  166. i want it JUST FOR ME!!!

  167. I want!

  168. Crossing fingers

  169. This poster is Winning!! Hope I win it…

  170. It’s The DEBIL! Love it!

  171. holla

  172. Methane kicks serious butt.
    Wish I was going to Flatstock.

  173. Yes please!

  174. Boyeah, Methane Rules, hook it uuuuuup!!!

  175. Awesome!

  176. yes, please!

  177. Methane studio is a huge source of inspiration for me.

  178. Your posters are awesome!

  179. Please!

  180. a blank wall in need…

  181. I am listening to phil collins right now!

  182. Oh boy free poster…super cool pick me pick me.

  183. COol!

  184. Yes Plz! This is a great design!

  185. Devilish Introspection, nice.

  186. I love Methane posters!

  187. Thank you for your original and creative work. Always inspiring and bringing out the local flavor in your work!

  188. yes please

  189. You can’t win if you don’t play. And I second the notion that I wish I was going to Flatstock.

  190. Set out runnin’ but I take my time, a friend of the Devil is a friend of mine.

  191. Winning

  192. Always down to add a poster to my methane collection!

  193. me! me! me!

  194. Do it for the WI teachers!

  195. EVIL is REAL!

  196. hook it up!

  197. Methane Studios makes the best posters

  198. Wish i could go to SXSW! Dig it methane

  199. lets go buffalo

  200. Great looking poster.

  201. Just got the Sufjan Stevenson banjo and would love a second!

  202. Great work on the dmb tour this past year!

  203. Count me interested.

  204. i like posters.


  206. Awesome!

  207. I comment! I covet!

  208. whooo!

  209. Poster? I want the $3 beer bracelet.

  210. looks niice

  211. love the patterns in the poster!

  212. Sure, I’ll take a free poster

  213. …winning! BOOM! x

  214. yah, buddy

  215. i’m in.

  216. LOVE Methane! Thanks for the chance to win!

  217. Very cool!

  218. Great idea – Great work!

  219. Thanx for the opportunity to win this beautiful poster. :)(:

  220. Go go gadget lottery!

  221. hi….winner

  222. wish i could go

  223. So, awesome.

  224. smell my feet…

  225. Awesome!

  226. Nice

  227. yes please…

  228. yesss thanks!

  229. yes please, many thanks

  230. I win!

  231. Nice

  232. Here we go again…..

  233. something!

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