Oliver Barrett’s American Splendor Poster

Oliver Barrett made a screenprinted version of his American Splendor poster from All City Media’s ReDrawn show. This is a 24″ x 36″ screenprint for $45. Visit his shop.

5 Responses to “Oliver Barrett’s American Splendor Poster”

  1. Man, that looks fantastic, somehow I missed the poster, what a great representation of those 2 guys.

  2. you didn’t miss it, it’s still available.

  3. Just as I’m repeating my mantra of “no more poster purchases, you don’t have wall space”, I see this, checked out the detail photographs and fold completely. This is so good looking. I bought his Ted Leo print as well. Really cool stuff.

  4. great print, one of my favorite movies, i can’t pass this up, anyone know the run on this?

  5. it’s 65. The prints are signed and numbered as well.

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