New Art Prints from The Best Part

The Best Part just put these four beautiful art prints up for sale. They’re all large digital prints for $50 each. Visit The Best Part.

10 Responses to “New Art Prints from The Best Part”

  1. OK, I’m calling bullshit on this.

    Nice job printing out a photo by a famous historical photographer and selling it as an ‘art print’. I can only assume the other two are lifted as well? Though the ‘pixel’ photoshop filter really makes it your own, was the original resolution not high enough for a passable print?

  2. Ah yep, that’s bullshit indeed. Busted.

    Thanks Ed, I’ll leave this up for a couple of days so that people can see this comment, then I’ll pull it off. Their stuff will not be covered anymore.

  3. It’s titled “Dancing to restore an eclipsed moon”. What kind of jackass “designer” thinks this is OK?

  4. here’s the source of the tornado photo:

  5. what a hack.

  6. Actually, Edward, I sometimes find images through public domain archives that I think would make a nice, large-format decorative print. No one owns copyrights to either image, so if by “Busted” you mean that you found the original sources of some of the images I’ve printed, then yes….I’m “Busted”. You also might notice that nowhere do I claim to be the original author of these works, although some of them are actually mine. The purpose of these prints is to make beautiful, large-format prints available at a low price. Clearly you’re very obsessed with the subject of authorship though, so my advice would be not to buy one.

    And OMG posters admin, I’m a bit disappointed. I would advise you to go through your blog archives and badmouth every poster artist who used clip art, photography or other materials that originated somewhere other than themselves. Which would be everyone.

  7. Nice. Badmouth a guy and then refuse to let him defend himself. Way to go.

  8. haha, be disappointed all you want, i feel nothing but the same toward you. if you think every artist here is printing off public domain photos with a filter on them and selling them as art prints, you’re delusional. the level of creativity in the print/poster scene is at an all-time high right now, don’t try to drag everyone down to your level, it’s laughable.

  9. side note – I DO like the way these are displayed. the clothespin on the old wood. I might try this for a couple of my unframed pieces.

  10. That’s funny, I thought they were “beautiful art prints”. Now they’re “public domain photos with a filter on them”. It seems you have no real perspective or aesthetic of your own. I’m not afraid of work, as evidenced by the “Moon Diamond” print above and several of my other prints which are extremely time intensive. I just thought these would be beautiful images that people might want to display in their homes, I’m simply making them available. I’m not claiming them as my own photographs, so I’m not sure where the issue lies. Apparently they just don’t take enough work to be beautiful. Hopefully one of your commenters can give you your opinion again so you can respond.

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