“Herja” Art Print by Tyler Stout Available Now!

Tyler Stout put up an impromptu presale for his newest art print, “Herja”. It’s an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, the edition will be determined by however many people get in on the presale, and it costs $22. If you’re wondering what the title means, check this out. It’s cool to see Tyler doing a time-limited edition for the people that hate lotteries and fast sales, but it will not become a regular thing for movie or band posters. The presale will be open till Friday, February 18th at 12pm Pacific Time. Visit Tyler’s Blog.

10 Responses to ““Herja” Art Print by Tyler Stout Available Now!”

  1. Hehe.. in my (Norwegian) dialect we still use the word “Herja” (Herjet on non-dialect).
    It translates to something like ravaged or devastated.

  2. Easy pickup. I love his art prints. They dont get nearly the love they should!

  3. I was hoping we’d get a new Tyler art print sooner than later and this one does not disappoint in the least. Totally enthusiastic +1.

  4. Love this. +1 for me as well.

  5. Yea really dont know why this isn’t more popular! Just because its not some big hit movie people aren’t interested! Its Stout and its amazing as per usual! +1 for me!

  6. +1 God damn, one more for the stack.
    I tell myself NO MORE.
    But im a silk screen crackhead.
    Is there a P.A. yet?

  7. sweet, 2 hours to go. Looks like an edition of 5

  8. Beautiful print, no rush, affordable.

    I’m feeling the love from Stout today

  9. I bought one just after the 12:13am email from Tyler…I thought he was going to announce the edition size the next day or 2? Any word yet? I bet he is using this as a radar on who is real fans are for future purchases aka non flippers..all around great purchase/print

  10. Edition listed on the website is around 455 I think roughly.

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