Unique Monoprints by Johnny Sampson

Chicago’s Johnny Sampson recently created a number of unique, b-movie-inspired monoprints for an art show in Tennessee.  He’s got a ton of them up for sale now, all of them are one-of-a-kind screenprints for only $20 each.  Visit his shop.

5 Responses to “Unique Monoprints by Johnny Sampson”

  1. these look great I seen them up close. This is zach btw. Hi guys.

  2. love the weird style. Def a spot on my walls for something like this.

  3. Man – these are so great. I has a couple and they are a really good price for one-offs.

    You know he be drawring these things like by hand getting all weird. You should each get two and make em fight each other ok?

  4. I laughed when I saw these. Not a bad laugh, a good laugh. They’re fuckin’ awesome, haha.

  5. Hammond B3??? Haha, nice

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