Flinchy – A New T-Shirt Company from Jay Ryan, Diana Sudyka, Tom Stack, and Jason Harvey

You’ve probably heard this one before, but a group of friends from Chicago just got together to create a new t-shirt company.  This time, however, said friends are Jay Ryan, Diana Sudyka, Tom Stack, and Jason Harvey, there’s a lot of talent packed into that team.  Flinchy sells t-shirts with simple, cute artwork by the aforementioned artists, and it looks like it could be hugely successful.  They’re already off to a great start with a handful of designs in the bag.  Check out the charming video below, then head over to Flinchy.com.

10 Responses to “Flinchy – A New T-Shirt Company from Jay Ryan, Diana Sudyka, Tom Stack, and Jason Harvey”

  1. Put a bird on it!

  2. Cart isn’t working for me in Chrome. Anyone else having trouble placing an order?

  3. haha…Chud…You beat me to it

    I love portlandia…here is that clip. Design folk will it funny


  4. oops…Design folk will FIND it funny.

  5. Paypal not wokring in Chrome for me either.. worked in nasty IE8

  6. Worked fine in Firefox. Funny, I was just thinking that I needed a t-shirt with the underpants twins on it.

  7. thanks for the heads up on chrome – we’ll talk to our innernet dude about it. thanks, mitch.

  8. if any of you windows geeks running chrome still want a shirt to cover your jack johnson tattoo, our innernet wizard says he cleaned the lint trap, so you should be able to get through to us now. thanks again.

  9. I couldn’t wait, Jay. Used Firefox. All is well.

  10. I just fell a little more in love with Jay Ryan after watching that.

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