Rob Jones’ Grammy Acceptance Photos (Updated With More!)

Just came across these at NewsTimes (now a bunch of other places too) and had to share them with you.  Rob Jones is celebrating his Grammy win in a big way, custom-made pink leather suit and all.  Again, huge congratulations.  Enjoy.

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  1. The Star Wars geek in me notices…
    He’s rockin’ stormtrooper boots :)

  2. now THAT is awesome!


  4. so funny. terrific.

  5. holy shit this is amazing!!!

  6. PYMP

  7. The fiend in me noticed the sweet Danzig belt buckle. Awesome!

  8. This is AWESOME! Congrats rob!!

  9. Seriously congrats mate. So fucken rad. Love the Turbo tee!
    Should have won the best dressed award as well.

  10. hahaha. he looks like Graham Garden from ‘The Goodies”! Awesome suit. Well done on some cracker design work. A well deserved award.


  12. Yay, Rob Jones! So rad! Yay, Jenny Jones!

  13. !!!WINNER!!!

  14. Tim Doyle speaks the truth. Congrats Rob!

  15. Best pose ever.

  16. ROB JONES FTW!!!!!

  17. Awesome! There aren’t too many folks who can say they’ve won a Grammy. Congratulations to Mr. Rob Jones! He is definitely a “Mr.” now that he has a Grammy :)

    Does this mean his posters are going to get more expensive?

  18. He’ll be glad his Elvis ring got in a shot.

  19. Dig the danzig belt buckle…awesome news…well deserved

  20. living it up, nicely done Mr. Rob Jones!

  21. hahaha, i dig the hulk hogan hair.

  22. So fucking awesome, kudos Rob!
    Made it onto BBC’s slideshow from the event as well…

  23. Is it wrong that these pictures arouse me in a strange way?

  24. […] Check out the gallery of exactly what he did on the winners’ carpet at the Grammys. It’s hilarious. The beautiful thing is the media was kind of obligated to shoot him, given he’s a winner, while he completely clowned the very idea of what someone’s supposed to do on a red carpet. Rhianna’s got nothing on this guy’s awesome pink leather suit. I’m pretty sure this is why nobody feels like they can take their designer anywhere any more without having a couple of drinks. Two points to Rob. […]

  25. seriously? what sane man wears pink leather?
    is it like a wedding dress… you only wear once?

  26. CONGRATS Rob!!!! Now I can say the guy that set my shoes on fire and drew a penis on my face, made something of himself.

  27. I remember the overnight prints of pink swords posters back in the early 2000’s….Alway Awesome!!! Way to go Sir!!!

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