Lucero Poster Set by Chris Huth

Denver artist Chris Huth sent over info about this awesome set of posters he did for Lucero.  You get four 16″ x 26″ screenprints for $75.  The sets are limited to 10 artist proofs, the rest sold on tour.  You can get ahold of one by sending Chris an email.

8 Responses to “Lucero Poster Set by Chris Huth”

  1. All of these are awesome.

  2. Agreed. Thumbs up to all of them!

  3. These are amazing.

  4. Very nice collection.

  5. slick as hell

  6. Gorgeous. Every single one of them.

  7. Chris is the one of Denver’s best kept secrets. He is an amazing artist and screen printer. Stoked to see him getting up on OMG!

  8. is there still any way to purchase one / a set of these?

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