“Growing Pains” Art Print by Laura Ball

As part of her current show, David B. Smith Gallery just released this stunning art print by Laura Ball.  “Growing Pains” is a huge 22″ x 30″ giclee, has an edition of 50, and costs $185.  This thing looks beautiful, one will be going on my wall for sure.  Visit DavidBSmithGallery.com.

Click the image to see a HUGE version:

7 Responses to ““Growing Pains” Art Print by Laura Ball”

  1. really cool. I’m a huge nature lover!

  2. Will this one flake like a cake too?

  3. @Stoney :

    what do you mean? did she sell an earlier one that was had bad paper quality? or are you referring to the Keyes yellowing?

  4. @Stoney what are you referring to? is there a concern buying this?

  5. Flake like a cake? It is AMAZING, I must say that… it came in a tube, is flat now, and is one of my favorite pieces I own

  6. what is this talk about flaking? I’m considering getting this.

  7. I believe a few people experienced ink flaking with their Josh Keyes prints (i’ve had four and never saw it), but they have since switched papers (which most people speculated was the problem), so I’d assume all should be sorted now. I haven’t opened mine yet.

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