Olly Moss’ Rolling Roadshow Posters (Leftover Copies Onsale Info)

The Alamo Drafthouse will sell some leftover copies of Olly Moss’ Rolling Roadshow posters today.  Robocop and Dirty Harry are gone, but at least a few of the rest will be available.  These are all 18″ x 24″ screenprints with varying editions.  They go up today (Thursday, February 3rd) at a random time.  Visit Mondotees.com.

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  1. I just dig how people get so worked up over pictures. That’s all they are. Ink and paper. Maybe if there was a bread shortage or something…I don’t know. I guess my priorities in life are so much more ambitious, the things I stress about being things…you know, worth stressing about.

  2. @JohnWayne: If Mondo changes to a timed cart system, someone else will just click “Add to cart” faster than you and you’ll be complaining that you’re being punished for clicking slowly rather than typing slowly.

    When there’s far more demand than supply, people are going to miss out. This time it was you, next time it may be me.

  3. @jaiden

    you honestly don’t think that Mondo show change the way their “cart” system operates?

  4. should not show* haha

  5. @PAK: I honestly don’t care how mondo does their cart system. It works fine for me about 99% of the time and when it doesn’t I just shrug it off and hop over to the next pretty piece of paper. If this shit genuinely stresses folks out I highly recommend taking up a different hobby.

    (Tip #2: If you just can’t seem to score posters try redirecting some of that energy spent whining to making friends with those of us that can score. You’d be surprised how far a little sugar goes in this kitchen)

  6. That tip weren’t for you PAK. Just general advice for the playground as a whole 🙂

  7. I agree with Iron. Go try and get a print from POW and then we will talk about Mondos process

  8. POW is a nightmare, I will give you that. I’m just saying I can completely understand where people who are trying their first Mondo purchase are coming from.

  9. I really dont think Mondo has any issues with their cart system. People only say it is a problem when they don’t get something they are going after. When people get what they want they talk about how smooth it runs. The site doesnt crash which is really the only thing that could cause issues. And since like Moss’s Evil Dead or maybe Wolf Man the site has held strong. I mean it really didnt even crash on the huge SW drops. As long as that stays strong I think it works great.

    And yes POW is a nightmare hah.

  10. @Baker

    I don’t think the server has any issues etiher. I think what everyone gripes about is the fact that the “cart” isn’t really a “cart” since it doesn’t reserve the prints for you and some n00bs don’t know they will have to type in all their account info.

    That being said, can’t wait to see my copy of TWBB in person 🙂

  11. Just wondering, but what is POW?

  12. http://www.picturesonwalls.com

  13. Thanks PAK!

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