“The Black Parade” Art Print by James Jean

James Jean has given this stunning illustration from a couple of years ago new life as an art print.  “The Black Parade” is a 17″ x 41″ open-edition giclee for $183.  I can’t imagine how amazing this would look on the wall.  Visit JamesJean.com.

Click the image to see it much larger:

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  1. i have been waiting for this for a very, very long time.

  2. Two James Jean releases in less than a month? This is shaping up to be a good year. I’m glad it’s an open edition, I missed out on the other one because I didn’t have enough funds at the time.

  3. I want this so bad, but the price tag is a bit steep right now for me

  4. I’m gonna frame and hang this to the left of my Josh Keyes Sowers print. I can’t wait, a head on collision, the Black Parade vs. the Sowers . . . who will prevail!?! 🙂

  5. oldie but a goodie!

  6. I will absolutely be buying this at some point.

  7. Man, Jean is amazing and deserves it, but an open edition for this much money is a bummer. At this size it probably costs $20-25 to print, right, man I wish the cost were down under $100…but hey, like I said, Jean is amazing and he deserves it. It’s not his fault I don’t have cash 🙂

  8. I completely agree with Mistersmith.. An open edition for this much is kind of a bummer.. He’s a rad artist and I’d love to have this print, but I can’t do it and this is purely my own jealousy talking.

  9. id venture a guess that a giclee at that size is way more than $25 to print.

    that said, i dont think id want to put something MCR related on my wall.

  10. This is a fantastic piece of work. BUT… Matt brings up an excellent point. Jean is amazing; however, this piece was specifically designed for MCR. Their bubblegum emo-punk-pop music is exactly that – the music is flagrantly devoid of substance. Their silly affectations scream, ‘douche alert!’ I’d give ’em a 2nd chance if they abandoned the insipid, hackneyed and bitingly tired rock star aesthetic – Stop with the the ‘guyliner’ makeup. Oh, wait, I forgot that some mascara and eyeshadow is a must if you truly want to rock. They can redeem themselves by tossing aside their lame and affected posturings; being real; writing songs that have import – rather than radio-friendly song lengths – this carries more gravity as they pen rock theme albums; stop with the relationship with eMpTV. Whatever, I guess they are good? Middle & High school girls can relate to something. Kudos to MCR, as I don’t have a band. If confronted with large amounts of money, I guess I would compromise my integrity as well. We all have a breaking point.

  11. Mistersmith>

    I’ve worked for an illustration agency and we organised high quality giclee prints on Hahnemühle for a gallery exhibit of our artists and illustrators.

    To get giclee done at this size *does* cost way more than $25.. Our buy price was somewhere around $65 per print (that was including a volume discount) just for standard A2 size; anything that was non-standard width or height (ie. outside of standard international paper measurements), increases price considerably.
    We did use one of the best printing companies in the country however, but to get a giclee print on 4-foot of fine art paper would definitely be more than the $20-$25 that you’ve assumed.

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