“Humphrey II” Art Print by Barnaby Ward

Barnaby Ward has ditched his giclees in favor of brand new screenprints.  “Humphrey II” is a 26″ x 36″ screenprint in two colorways (each with an edition of 100) for $150 each.  Visit Inprint.com.

8 Responses to ““Humphrey II” Art Print by Barnaby Ward”

  1. I like the image, but a screenprint for $150?…ouch

  2. Yeah but when a Dran or a Banksy screen print drops for $500 we damn near trample each other for the opportunity to buy it.
    I likes ’em inexpensive too but I can dig it. Art ain’t a commodity.

  3. On a side note since when does inprint do screen printing? I thought they did giclees only. Are they just providing store fronts as well now or did they set up a press? Wonder how those look. Their faq is still old info. *shrug*

  4. @iron jaiden: We don’t, currently.

    We like to assist the artists with whatever we can. In this case we’re working as the distribution channel for Barnaby’s new works (similar to our arrangement with Faesthetic magazine).

    In the future we’ll have INPRNT editions on the site alongside the open-editions. In most cases they will be giclee.

    This particular series was printed elsewhere.

  5. I love this, wish I had endless money to spend on art 🙁

  6. That’s true ij. Didnt think of banksy, dran etc. But then, people trample each other mostly because of flipability of those 😉

  7. i love barnaby ward! his comics and art is outstanding!

  8. this guy does comics!?

    must get…..

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