Tim Doyle’s Apocalypse Now Poster (Onsale Info)

Tim Doyle just completed a new poster for an Apocalypse Now screening at The Astor Theatre in Australia.  It’s a 16″ x 26″ screenprint with an edition of 250.  There is also a variant with an edition of 65.  For onsale details, sign up for the mailing list at TommyGood.com.

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  2. a doyle caddyshack print would rule. just sayin.

    these look sort of familiar though, wouldnt you say?

  3. They Do! (OM SW)

  4. I think this is Doyle’s best work by miles. Loving them.

  5. Love the art, the movie wasn’t my favorite though. Good luck to those who are after it!

  6. I bears some resemblences to the latest Olly Moss Star Wars prints – the way the siluette of a face is used to frame the story and action. Quite elegant.

  7. Seriously awesome stuff.

  8. @tweetick Thanks!

  9. Looks nice. This movie poster trend is being driven into the ground though.

  10. If great artists keep making great pieces for my favorite movies, I don’t care.

  11. Really great job, the layout and coloration keeping in the spirit of the times (late 60, early 70s).

  12. @adamlikesthings – Just ordered one of each FYI. I think I am going to put them in in a single frame side by side. Thanks for the idea!

  13. Yeah these here are up if anyone depends on old OMG entries for drop info 🙂

  14. Just went up. Looks like they’re already gone.

  15. Still regular edition available on Nakatomi’s site. Variant sold out there as well

  16. Damn, missed out!

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