“Sleeping In Light” Art Print by JC Richard (Onsale Info)

JC Richard sent over some images of his newest art print, which will go up for sale today.  “Sleeping In Light” is a 13.5″ x 25″ seven color screenprint, has an edition of 150, and will cost $30.  It goes up today (Wednesday, January 26th) sometime after 12pm Eastern Time.  Visit his site.

Click the images to see them larger:

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  1. This is awesome.

  2. Beautiful work! The moon is huge: the way I like it!

  3. stunning!

  4. This is impressive for a screenprint. WOW

  5. Why the extra inch?? I want to pull my hair out when I see a 25″ inch print!! (I will still be going for this) but JEEZ!!!!

  6. Really nice, can’t wait to see it in person!

  7. @cargoflipper: What’s the difference? You mean because it won’t fit in an 18×24 portfolio? You should have a bigger portfolio anyway if you’re going to buy a lot of prints.

  8. I can’t find a bigger portfolio. Do they make them bigger than 18 x 24? It also means I have to get a bigger frame and deal w/ matting and all that jazz. It just makes me spend more money if I want to display this in my house. I know its peanuts but being in this hobby you have to pinch pennies when you can. I LOVE this print though.

  9. A good, cheap solution is a 30×40 plastic sleeve that is reinforced with stitching along the sides and bottom. You can find these at local art stores. Stick a big piece of foamcore in there and you’re good to go. The whole setup shouldn’t cost you more than $30 and it’s archival. Store it under the bed.

  10. …and you can stack multiple prints in them.

  11. My portfolio is 24×36. Its the Picturesque Portfolio, its a favorite among many collectors. They’re available at ASWexpress.com , but I recommend waiting to buy until you’ve signed up for their mailing list and received a coupon code. They send them out frequently and it will save you a bundle.

  12. Thanks for the link A.J., but I have a stupid question. Does it actually fit 24×36 prints or is the dimensions of the portfolio 24×36?

    I have one without the nice sleeve inserts, a 24×36, but the 24×36 prints don’t actually fit inside it. Not safely anyways.

    I keep missing out on these JC Richard prints, hopefully I get lucky today and have a chance to buy one before they sell out.

  13. The 24×36 Picturesque will hold 24×36 prints. However, be careful as some prints are 24 1/2 x 36 1/2 etc and will not fit safely.

    As for the JC Richard, I’ve only been lucky enough to snag The Fewest Things, but the line work and the printing were both top notch for that one. Hoping to get a copy of this one as it is my favorite composition of his to date.

  14. I WANT.

  15. Holy crap AJ! If you’re talking about the “Stein deSign Picturesque Presentation Cases”, that’s definitely a premium price to page for storage! You’re looking at 180 for the portfolio and then about 10 bucks per refill page.

    I made a DIY acid-free flat file that maybe came to $40 bucks. True, I can’t leaf through my collection but I can’t say I would do that all that much if I could.

    Anyway – about this print.. I also think it’s the bees knees! A definite must have.

  16. just scored mine! $38 total, wow so worth it

  17. Yep, great price…I had to buy an extra for my brother. he’ll dig it.

  18. These should have been limited to one per customer, so some of us collectors didn’t get shut out!

  19. This is just an absolutely stunning screenprint.

  20. Greg — collecting art is an expensive hobby. When you start getting pieces worth $1000 or more, then a $180 portfolio (which comes with 5 or 10 double-sided inserts, I might add) is a drop in the bucket. Besides — I DID suggest that one sign up for their mailing list and wait until they offer a coupon code, I think I got mine for 40% off plus free shipping when I bought it. Still it wasn’t cheap, but it keeps all my nice, valuable prints in mint condition, and makes it a breeze to take stuff in to the framers rain or shine.

    I’m currently waiting for the next coupon code to come out so I can buy a second one. My first one is filled to the brim, and it takes up nearly an entire drawer in my 36″x48″ flat file (you want to talk about an expensive storage method — start pricing flat files!!). Flat files, when purchased new can run you over a thousand dollars by themselves!

  21. and this wins Art of the Week on expressobeans.
    well deserved congrats to JC!

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